BREAKING: Supreme Court Says Christian Flag May Fly at Boston City Hall

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If Boston City Hall flies the Gay Pride flag, they have to fly the Christian flag. 

Should the Christian flag be able to fly like other flags?

The Supreme Court ruled today that the city of Boston violated the Constitution when it refused to let Camp Constitution raise a Christian flag in front of City Hall. 

It was a unanimous decision. 

“When city officials open a program or activity to ‘all applicants,’ they cannot exclude those wishing to express religious beliefs. The city of Boston’s exclusion of religious expression from an otherwise wide-open public program amounted to discrimination based on viewpoint and is therefore unconstitutional,” Alliance Defending Freedom’s John Bursch said.

ADF filed a friend of the court brief in the lawsuit.

“That said, this case is about much more than displaying a Christian flag at City Hall; this is about the protection of our First Amendment rights, which extend equally to all Americans, without government punishment,” he noted. “We are pleased the Supreme Court has upheld the right of religious citizens to participate in the public square.”

Camp Constitution had wanted to raise awareness of the nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. The city initially declined the request – saying it would amount to an endorsement of religion.

“When the government encourages diverse expression — say, by creating a forum for debate — the First Amendment prevents it from discriminating against speakers based on their viewpoint,” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the decision.

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“The city’s lack of meaning­ful involvement in the selection of flags or the crafting of their messages leads us to classify the flag raisings as pri­vate, not government, speech — though nothing prevents Boston from changing its policies going forward,” Breyer added.

It is a great day for religious liberty in America and it’s an affirmation that freedom of religion means freedom to celebrate our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage in the public square. 

All of the justices should be commended for affirming that absolute truth. 

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And former President Trump should be commended for nominating justices to the Supreme Court who still believe we are one nation under God. 

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