Canada Says Christmas is Form of Religious Discrimination

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Celebrating Christmas could be seen as a form of religious intolerance. That’s according to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

They cited Christmas and Easter as examples of what they called “present-day systemic religious discrimination.”

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Clearly, someone on the Human Rights Commission must have gotten coal in their Christmas stocking.

The commissions’ findings were published in a paper on religious intolerance. They say it’s a huge problem that Christmas and Easter are statutory holidays in Canada.

“Because Christmas and Easter are the only Canadian statutory holidays linked to religious holy days, the report argues that ‘as a result, non-Christians may need to request special accommodations to observe their holy days and other times of the year where their religion requires them to abstain from work,'” the Christian Post reports.

Blaming it all on the early colonials who settled in Canada – and by colonialists – they mean all of you white Christian Europeans.

It’s part of a global trend where people of European descent are being targeted for their heritage and religious beliefs.

“The paper goes on to highlight what it describes as Canadian social preferences, which are “constructed in a way that places value on certain traits or identities to the exclusion of others — for example, white, male, Christian, English-speaking, thin/fit, not having a disability, heterosexual, gender conforming,” the Post reported.

The commission is calling on Canada to diversify their religious holidays and other cultural days of significance. How about Arbor Day or National Chick-fil-A Day?

The commission also wants Canada to acknowledge its history of religious intolerance.

Well, it sounds like maybe the first people who should repent for religious intolerance are the Grinches on the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Is Christmas a form of religious intolerance?

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