Prominent Southern Baptist Church Allows Transgender, Pro-Abortion & Illegals to Serve in Ministry: REPORT

A staff member at First Baptist Church Orlando boasted during a sermon that the Southern Baptist church has church members serving in ministry who are transgender, pro-abortion and are living in the nation illegally, Reformation Charlotte Capstone Report allege.

“Pastor Danny de Armas of First Baptist Orlando described the people who compose First Baptist Church of Orlando, Florida,” Capstone Report says. “Most of the list is typical evangelical elite bragging about the diversity of the people—these days it is a mark of pride for Elites to show how cosmopolitan their church is. However, some of the descriptions promoting the FBC Orlando’s inclusion of cohabitating couples, pro-choice voters, and illegal immigrants should cause concern for Christians. It is clear that de Armas and First Baptist Orlando have made an idol of diversity.”

Watch below.

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