STARNES: Burger King Under Fire for Offending Catholics

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Burger King is facing backlash across the Big Pond.

The hamburger chain forced to apologize over a Holy Week advertising campaign in Spain. 

The controversy stems from a billboard promoting Burger King’s new vegetarian burger. 

The billboard featured Jesus at the Last Supper —Take all of you and eat of it,” one of the ads read. 100 percent vegetarian. 100 percent flavor. Big King Vegetable. 

The Catholics were not amused and since Spain’s population is about 60 percent Catholic — that racks up to a lot of angry Catholics. 

They accused Burger King of mocking the Eucharist and the death of Christ. 

Burger King apologized and removed the advertising campaign.

At Burger King you can always have it your way, just not that way. 

One final note – Burger King should probably consider apologizing to both Catholics and Protestants for hawking vegetable burgers. That’s not a burger, it’s a salad on a bun.

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