SUPER-SIZED FAITH: McDonald’s Worker Prays Over Customers

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From television station WLOX comes a beautiful story about God’s grace – in of all places McDonalds.

How important is prayer to your life?

Brenda Wilson works the drive-thru window serving Big Macs and fries with a supersized heart. She begins every shift with the same routine.

“Every morning now I say Proverbs 3: 5-6 ‘trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge Him in all My ways and He shall direct my path,” Wilson said.

Miss Brenda is a Christian woman and she said it is her faith that compels her to pray over every customer that passes by her drive-thru window.

Miss Brenda prays with Dylan Brooke

“Because all things are possible through Jesus Christ. If I didn’t have God, ain’t no way these folks are going to stand here and let me pray through the drive-thru and hold up their times,” Miss Brenda told the television station. “We have times that we have to go through, but he allows me 15 seconds with each one that I pray with. It’s like, when they leave and have tears in their eyes, I know God touched your heart.”

Dylan Brooke is one of the regulars – normally making a quick stop in the drive-thru, but one day she felt compelled to go inside.

Miss Brenda walked over and told her that God had instructed her to pray right then and there.  And they did. Miss Brenda had no idea that Brooke had been struggling privately with some issues. And it was if Miss Brenda knew everything she was going through. Word for word. Every issue. 


Dylan wrote about the kind and gentle encounter on Facebook – reminding us that God works in mysterious ways.

This morning I decided to stop in and get some breakfast from McDonald’s. Usually I see Ms.Brenda at the drive-thru but this morning I decided to go inside and she just so happened to be at the counter inside too. If you know her, then you know. She’s all about love and prayers and will always say a quick prayer for you before you drive away. She stopped me while I was going to get my drink and told me God told her she needed to pray for me right then and there.
I’ve been silently struggling with a few things lately and having a hard time figuring it all out.
She got on her knees and prayed for me for every struggle I’ve been having lately. Every struggle I’ve been having that she knows nothing about.. I left in tears this morning. She hit every spot. Word for word, every issue. She knew. God works in mysterious ways. With that being said, let go and let God.

God bless you Ms.Brenda, thank you.


Throughout history people have encountered God in the most unusual of places – a burning bush on a mountain top – a road trip to Damascus – and in Ocean Springs, Mississippi – underneath the Golden Arches.

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