Texas VA Clinic Removes Cross From Lobby

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A VA medical clinic in Austin, Texas removed a cross from its lobby – the latest in a series of crackdowns on Christianity by the Biden administration.

In recent days the administration has sent FBI agents to bully pro-lifers, Catholic priests were booted from Walter Reed Medical Center, they infiltrated Catholic churches in Virginia and they even ordered a painting of Jesus Christ to be covered at the Merchant Marine Academy.

Has the Biden Administration declared war on Christianity?

As for the incident in Texas, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation alleges 19 “anonymous” veterans complained about the presence of the cross inside the VA clinic. There’s a photo posted below.

“This outrageous, continuous, hostile and notorious display of a sectarian Christian symbol, to the utter exclusion of all other faith and non-faith traditions, viciously violates the No Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution, its construing Federal caselaw as well as your OWN VA REGULATIONS which are quite clear and dispositive on this matter,” MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein wrote in a nasty letter to the VA.

The MRFF is an organization that routinely gets triggered by Jesus. Weinstein and his mob rarely target Muslims, but he’s demonstrated over the years his willingness to declare war on anything remotely connected to the Christian faith.

Their work is truly Christophobic and I exposed their radical agenda in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.” Click here to get a copy.


“This nonsecular display of Christian triumphalism and supremacy also visits a nontrivial amount of hurtful exclusion, marginalization, prejudice, hatred and bigotry upon our MRFF clients who came to us for help but concomitantly feared reprisal and retribution from you and your senior leadership if they brought the demand to remove the Christian crucifix in their own names to you,” Weinstein said.

Again — anonymous.

The MRFF threatened to file a federal lawsuit unless the cross was removed.

And within 90 minutes — the VA clinic complied. Weinstein called it a “big, swift victory.”

One of the MRFF’s “anonymous” clients wrote a letter confirming that the cross had been removed.

I want to reach out to personally thank you for how quickly you were able to have the giant cross at the Austin VA taken down. I was especially dismayed to see this huge cross displayed at a federal building that ostensibly serves ALL veterans – regardless of their faith. When I visit the VA building I am looking for medial support, not to be confronted with religious proselytizing. There was no subtlety in this display – with symbols of all branches of the military embedded into the garish cross of supposed Christianity – a clear message that only Christians are welcome. As an Air Force veteran with 16 years of active duty service, including 3 combat tours over Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan flying the mighty F-15E, I am continually disappointed to find instances in the military and other government institutions of overt preference towards the Christian faith. While it’s bad enough that the VA had this cross on display in a clearly non-religious setting, more telling is the lack of even the slightest mention or consideration of any other faith or non-faith. Shame on the Austin VA for not realizing the message being sent with this display and not acting until being approached by the MRFF.

The work of MRFF is so absolutely critical in the public defense of the basic separation of church and state. No other organization is able to respond as quickly and decisively as the MRFF! I continue to be a huge supporter of your work – keep it up!

Military Religious Freedom Foundation

In essence a bunch of “anonymous” military veterans got triggered by the presence of a cross. And so a spineless bureaucrat had the cross removed. I’m not sure which is worse.

But make no mistake – there is a war on Christianity in this nation.

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