Tim Keller Glorifies Leftist Stephen Colbert as a Great Public Christian

Tim Keller, founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, praised “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert’s answer on faith and comedy.

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Colbert was interviewing singer Dua Lipa Friday when she asked him which wins in the end: comedy or faith.

“I think ultimately, us all being mortal, faith will win out in the end,” he said, adding, “but I certainly hope when I get to heaven, Jesus has a sense of humor.”

He described himself as a Christian and a Catholic.

“That’s always connected to the idea of love and sacrifice being somehow related and giving yourself to other people, and that death is not defeat,” Colbert said.

Sharing the two-minute-plus video from The Late Show, Keller commended Colbert.

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“This is a skillful example of how to be a Christian in the public square,” the preacher wrote on Facebook. “It is a form of witness that culture can handle. We should desire to have more Christians in these spaces and give them grace as they operate.”

Keller added: “Please do not make the error: if you cite person X at all you must answer for everything person X ever did or said. That is not fair. I am merely saying, this is a winsome way to answer this question that we should desire to emulate.”

In a separate post on Twitter, “The Reason for God” author wrote, “This is a brilliant example of how to be a Christian in the public square.”

On Sunday he added: “Note: when you quote a person as an example in a particular moment, it doesn’t mean you have to answer for that entire person’s life for that quote to be valid. It’s almost like those who do so don’t want to deal with the material at hand.”

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