All-Female College Advises Staff to Stop Calling Female Students Women

Women shall no longer be called women at an all-women’s college in Massachusetts.

Professors at Mount Holyoke College have been advised to refrain from using the “w-word” when referring to the fairer sex. Instead, they are to be known as “students.”

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Faculty have also been counseled to stop using phrases like “we’re all women here” or referring to “the two genders.”

It’s all part of a new guide that supports transgender and non-binary students, Campus Reform first reported. 

While biologically born men who identify as men are banned from the school, biologically born men who identify as women are not. The school also allows students who identify as ze or they.

“Traditional binaries around who counts as a man or woman are being challenged by those whose gender identity does not conform to their biology,” the policy states.

The college formed a gender inclusion task force to assist with the changes.

Any “biologically born female” can apply for admission, but only a “biologically born male” who “identifies as other/they/ze and when ‘other/they’ identity includes woman” and one who “identifies as a woman.”

So for the sake of creating a gender neutral environment — the word “woman” is now discouraged at the all-woman’s college.

Mount Holyoke wants to makes sure students do not suffer the indignity of being called a female.

And to avoid adding insult to injury, professors should also stop using words like ladies, broads, chicks and gals.