‘Raising Godly Girls’ Is ‘Antidote’ to Woke Scouts, Says American Heritage Girls Founder

Patti Garibay, founder of American Heritage Girls, told the Todd Starnes Show her organization is equipping young girls to face the issues of today.

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TODD STARNES: [01:54:53] Hey, I want to bring in a very special guest here at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Patti Garibay is the founder of American Heritage Girls, author of an incredible new book “Why Curse the Darkness When You Can Light a Candle?” Patti, it is great to have you with us. [01:55:11][18.2]

PATTI GARIBAY: [01:55:11] It’s good to be with you Todd. [01:55:12][0.8]

TODD: [01:55:12] Following up a farmer who was literally talking to us while he was with his cows. [01:55:16][4.0]

PATTI: [01:55:17] Wow, I know that’s really cool. I love that information he shared with you. [01:55:20][3.6]

TODD: [01:55:21] And they’re conservative cows that, you know, they listen to my show. That’s going to be some good taste in peak. [01:55:25][4.0]

PATTI: [01:55:26] Moo-Yes. Moo-Yes. [01:55:26][0.2]

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TODD: [01:55:27] Oh my gosh. [01:55:28][0.4]

TODD: [01:55:29] Patti, this, you know, earlier in the show, we had our good friend, Mark Hancock from Trail Life USA. And I want you to tell the folks across America what American Heritage Girls are doing, right? [01:55:39][10.2]

PATTI: [01:55:39] Well, American Heritage Girls are influencing people all around the country, honestly, by performing service projects in their communities, as well as leading one another well and having friendships that are grown with like-minded individuals and really helping to fight the pandemic, the moral pandemic of loneliness and being online, and all the issues that are confronting girls today. So American Heritage Girls is an antidote to this. It allows for peers to get together. It allows for them to have goals that they set and also to serve others in their community. It’s just been a really great program. It’s been around for 27 years. [01:56:13][33.4]

TODD: [01:56:13] Amazing. [01:56:13][0.0]

PATTI: [01:56:14] I know I don’t look like I could possibly be that old. [01:56:15][0.9]

TODD: [01:56:18] Did you start it when you were 3? [01:56:18][0.1]

PATTI: [01:56:18] I did. [01:56:18][-0.1]

TODD: [01:56:19] You’re like a prodigy. [01:56:19][0.4]

PATTI: [01:56:20] It’s truly amazing. [01:56:21][0.7]

TODD: [01:56:22] You know what I thought? You know, especially in today’s era where you have a literal war on women, a war on girls, you know, and we hear the stories all the time. But this is so important to have an organization like American Heritage Girls. [01:56:34][12.1]

PATTI: [01:56:35] It’s true and it’s still important for them to understand who they are and whose they are, their identity in Christ. The fact that they can do things that influence this nation, they are able to make contributions. They don’t have to just sit back and say what is going on in this world, but they can make the difference in American Heritage Girls provide the tools for which they can do that. [01:56:53][17.6]

TODD: [01:56:54] So Patti, while most of us were, you know, watching Tiger King on Netflix during the pandemic, you were busy writing a book. [01:57:01][7.1]

PATTI: [01:57:02] I was, I was, you know, I felt the Lord was calling me were the proverbs where he says, write it down so the next generation can know. And so this is really- A story of my life being somebody who certainly wasn’t equipped but was called for, this ministry certainly had enough stuff in her closet, you would say. Never would she ever lead a women’s ministry or a girl’s ministry. But yet God still calls people like us, right? So he calls the broken. He creates beauty out of the ashes, and that’s what this book is all about. And it also details the journey of fighting the Girl Scouts USA with what their agenda was, and therefore finding the need for a new organization like American Heritage Girls for parents who want biblical principles in their scouting experience for their daughters. [01:57:51][49.1]

TODD: [01:57:51] And that is so vitally important, especially where, you know, in the Girl Scouts, boys who identify as girls can be scouts and the same thing in the Boy Scouts now welcoming girls. So it’s nice to have an organization that is uniquely for girls. [01:58:04][12.2]

PATTI: [01:58:04] That’s right, and they need that. They have unique trait-differences than boys. They need to have this same-sex situation. And so recently, we have done a sub brand, by the way, called raising godly girls, Todd. And this is a one-minute feature on Christian radio stations all across the nation. But in addition to that, we have a blog and we have parenting tools that are available on our website at AmericanHeritageGirls.org. And you can go there and get a free download book, an ebook that is “A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender and Identity.” [01:58:36][31.7]

TODD: [01:58:37] Is that right? This is great stuff. We’re going to post a link to this on our live show blog. So folks can have easy access, but give us those those websites again, that website [01:58:46][9.2]

PATTI: [01:58:47] Americanheritagegirls.com. Check out our blog. You’ll see it right on the header. Click on that and you’re going to find all kinds of tools for parents to help their daughters deal with loneliness, depression, FOMO and gender identity. [01:59:01][14.2]

TODD: [01:59:02] What a great resource for a lot of our moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas out there. And by the way, folks, don’t forget to pick up a copy of this great book Why Curse the Darkness When You Can Light a Candle? Patti Garibay, the author and on the cover- your granddaughter. Is that right? [01:59:18][16.9]

PATTI: [01:59:19] That’s right. 

TODD: Is that right? It’s great. 

PATTI: It’s great 

TODD: [01:59:22] It’s generational, right? This is wonderful. Well, Patti, good luck to you and we look forward to talking to you down the road. [01:59:27][5.0]

PATTI: [01:59:28] Thank you, Todd, God bless. [01:59:28][0.4]

TODD: [01:59:28] All right. Patti Garibay folks from American Heritage Girls, and they’re doing some incredible work now. [01:59:35][6.5]


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