Atheists Enraged Over “Blessing of the Animals”

A bunch of bird-brained atheists are suing a New Jersey animal shelter for holding a blessing of the animals.

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American Atheists filed the lawsuit in federal court against the Bergen County Animal Shelter.

It seems a lady showed up to adopt a puppy dog and found herself right smack in the middle of a blessing. She was especially offended to find herself standing face to face with a Franciscan friar who was blessing the animals.

American Atheists say it is unconstitutional to hold a religious event using government resources.

They say the blessing of the animals promoted Catholicism and made their godless client feel inferior.

So basically – the American Atheists are riled up because their client bumped into a priest at an animal shelter.

But I suspect they are more concerned that someone was going to try and convert the dog.

And while all dogs may go to heaven –unrepentant atheists — well, that’s a different story.


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