BENEDICT DELECTO: Romney Will Vote to Convict Trump

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Senator Mitt (Pierre Delecto) Romney of Utah said he will vote to convict President Trump of abuse of power — stabbing the president in the back and betraying God-fearing patriotic Americans.

“I think the case was made,” Mr. Romney told The New York Times.

“I believe that attempting to corrupt an election to maintain power is about as egregious an assault on the Constitution as can be made,” Mr. Romney added, appearing by turns relieved and nervous — but also determined — as he explained his decision. “And for that reason, it is a high crime and misdemeanor, and I have no choice under the oath that I took but to express that conclusion.”

What a shameful thing Romney has done — especially when President Trump went out of his way to support this sleazeball in his U.S. Senate run.

“@MittRomney has announced he is running for the Senate from the wonderful State of Utah. He will make a great Senator and worthy successor to @OrrinHatch, and has my full support and endorsement,” the president tweeted in 2018.

Romney is a chicken-hearted coward who lacked the decency or the man-parts to stand with this president.