Beth Moore: American Evangelicalism Died in 2016

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Last week Beth Moore, the religious speaker and author, applauded Christianity Today’s call for President Trump to be removed from office.

Yesterday, she declared that American evangelicalism is dead.

“Evangelicalism as we knew it, as imperfect as it was because we are imperfect, passed away in 2016,” Moore wrote on Twitter. “History will plant its grave marker there.”

I reached out to Mrs. Moore on Twitter to ask for some clarification. What specifically happened in 2016 that caused the death of American evangelicalism? Was she referring to the election of President Trump? Was she referring to the overwhelming support Trump received from Evangelical Christians?

Mrs. Moore did not respond to my Twitter request. When she does, I will update this posting.

Meanwhile, a few thoughts:

Far from being dead, I believe evangelicalism is alive and well — and quite frankly flourishing across the fruited plain.

Donald Trump was the last man standing in the Republican presidential primary. What were people of faith supposed to do?

Trump promised to defend the unborn and protect religious liberty. He promised to bring our leaders to the table and listen to their counsel. He vowed to nominate constitutionalists to the courts. He promised to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, vowed to make late term abortions the law of the land. She promised to crack down on religious liberty under the guise of equality. And she would have given leftists a majority on the Supreme Court for a generation.

I took a chance with President Trump and he delivered on every single one of his campaign promises to evangelicals.

Instead of attacking the gun-toting, Bible-clinging, Evangelical patriots who put him in the White House, perhaps Never Trump Evangelicals should ask themselves why they are so vociferously opposed to a president who is defending the unborn and protecting religious liberty.

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