Biden Has Signs of ‘Mental Challenge of Aging,’ Rep. Greg Murphy says

Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), a medical doctor, told Todd that he has serious concerns about President Biden’s health. Following, is a rush transcript of their interview. Click here to listen to the full conversation.

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TODD: [01:42:57] Dr. Murphy, I’m curious and if you do not want to answer this, I completely respect it. But you are a doctor. We were watching this town hall. There were moments where the president was incoherent. He was stumbling around trying to grasp for words. Should we be concerned by any of the things that we saw last night from a medical position?

MURPHY: [01:43:20] Well, Todd, I said this a year ago, and I’ll say it again. I think he has signs of mental challenge of aging. I believe that’s very apparent. I mean, look at the whispering episode that happened a month or so ago. Look at some of the aberrations that occur.

He’s 78. He’s actually had two different brain-type surgeries, as I understand, to clippings of aneurysm. And so I think that is a point of concern. I truly do. And, you know, Dr. Ronnie Jackson is asked that he undergo a mental faculty test just like they made Trump do. Well, why didn’t Biden step up and do that himself? I don’t think the results would be very good for the American people.