BREAKING: Former U.S. Attorney Says He Was Pressured To Not Investigate Voter Fraud Allegations

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Todd’s Guests:

1:35 pm et – Tim Murtaugh, Former Trump 2020 communications director

2:05 pm et – Jenna Ellis, Host of Just the Truth on Real America’s Voice and Newsmax contributor

2:35 pm et – Tom Basile, Host of “America Right Now” on Newsmax

Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

BREAKING: AG Barr Pressured Me Not to Investigate Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania, Former U.S. Attorney Alleges

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Virtue-signaling Gayle King boasts she’s banning unvaccinated family members for Thanksgiving — and credits Dr. Fauci for her stance

Nearly two-thirds of Millennials earning over $100K a year report living ‘paycheck-to-paycheck’

K-12 Schools ‘Must Exclude’ Unmasked Students From Campus, California Says

Texas Democrat: We Flew Private Because ‘Everybody Wants To See’ Us Together

Families Sue Universal Orlando Alleging ‘Mental Anguish’ After Mascot Used ‘OK’ Hand Gesture

Inflation Nation: Consumer Prices Surged Much Higher Than Expected in June

Howard Dean: ‘Trump Is Jim Jones’ — His Followers ‘Are Going to Pay’ with Their Lives

Newsom will not be listed as Democrat on recall ballot after missing registration deadline

Texas’ Abbott says Dems who ‘fled’ state over elections bill will be arrested upon return

DC mother furious after school’s tennis camp forces kids to wear masks in extreme heat

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