Burger King: “Cow Farts & Burps Are No Laughing Matter”

Burger King released a very odd video on social media condemning “cow farts and burps.”

“Cow farts & burps are no laughing matter,” the fast-food chain said in a Twitter post. “They release methane, contributing to climate change. That’s why we’re working to change our cows’ diet by adding lemongrass to reduce their emissions by approximately 33 percent.”

The message was attached to a country & western-style song lamenting greenhouse gases.

“When cows fart and burp and splatter, well it ain’t no matter. They’re releasing methane every time they do,” the young crooner sang. “And that methane from their rear goes up to the atmosphere and pollutes our planet, warming me and you.”

If Burger King is that concerned about greenhouse gases, maybe they should stop selling beef burgers?

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