Chauffeur Goes Extra Mile for Coronavirus Patients

José María García, of Madrid, Spain, is going the extra mile during this difficult time.

García is a private chauffeur and since the nation of Spain is on lockdown, he has been out of work. However, that hasn’t stopped him from driving.

García has been driving patients to and from a nearby hospital ever since March 14 and he’s not charging a dime. On the 18th of April, the staff of the hospital called in García to come to pick up another patient but instead received a tremendous surprise.

The staff lined up at the entrance of the hospital and gave García a round of applause.

“It was a total surprise. I walked through the doors and suddenly they all started clapping. I have to admit that it was very emotional and I started crying,” García told Fox News on a telephone interview.

He was presented with a thank you note and a “financial token”, according to Fox News, from the hospital as a thank you.

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García also told Fox that he is currently separated from his family and wanted to be a help to others rather than staying at home alone. He made sure to also mention that he is adhering to the proper safety guidelines when transporting patients. “I clean the car after every journey and I wear a mask and gloves.”

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