Christian Preschool Fighting ‘Outrageous’ Shutdown: Attorney

A church-operated preschool in California is fighting back after being shut down for violating the state’s mask mandate.

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“This is really outrageous,” said attorney Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), the law firm representing Foothills Christian Church Preschool in El Cajon. “This church has a preschool and we’re dealing with a requirement to have all the children wear a mask, all day, all the time.”

California’s Department of Social Service is the government entity enforcing the mask mandate. According to National Review, the agency visited the preschool several times in September 2021 to ensure that children were properly wearing masks. This, after receiving a complaint from a parent.

“We can’t really track down who was complaining,” Administrative Pastor Kevin Miller told The Todd Starnes Show. “They started just an incredibly aggressive, intense investigation of us and it got so bad that they were interviewing 3-and-4-year-olds without their parents’ consent, without their knowledge, kids didn’t want to come back to school because it was so intense, and teachers went home crying.”


Earlier this month, the preschool director told CBS 8 News that there are “a lot of parents that don’t want their children to be masked.”

Employees with the Department returned in December and said many children were not wearing masks.

Miller feels as though they were targeted.

“The preschool director asked why is this so intense, we don’t get it, we’ve been in business six years here, and she said ‘because you have an attitude of defiance.’”

With no preschool to send their kids to, Miller said he has dozens of parents scrambling.

“I’ve got 21 teachers and aides who are now unemployed and I’ve a preschool director who they’re going after legally saying she is such a danger to children that she cannot work with them for the remainder of her life because we couldn’t mask preschoolers.”

“Hopefully the state will have their hand slapped,” said Dacus.

With offices in 16 states, PJI is no stranger to fighting mask mandates.

“We have another case in Florida out of our Miami office where we’re defending parents against the Palm Beach School District because Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has announced that parents will decide whether their child wears a mask,” said Dacus. “The Palm Beach School District says, ‘No, we’re going rogue, we’re going to ignore state law, ignore the Parents’ Bill of Rights and require every child to wear a mask all the time whether parents like it or not, no matter what,’ and we filed a lawsuit on behalf of some angry parent there in Palm Beach School District through our Miami office.”

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