Christians Angered by Southern Baptist Leader’s Immigration Smear

For the past several years there have been growing concerns about what some observers perceive to be the leftward lurch of the Southern Baptist Convention. This should alarm every freedom-loving patriot across the fruited plain. The SBC is the only religious body in America to return from the brink of liberalism.

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But now – the Southern Baptists are at a crossroad. And sadly, some members of the flock have already been compromised by Critical Race Theory and Social Justice propaganda.

By and large the leaders of this movement are Never Trumpers – and they have made their mark by disparaging any Christian who would dare support a president who defended religious liberty, fought for the unborn, and moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

One Baptist leader even compared evangelicals who support President Trump to Jimmy Swaggart – the television evangelist who betrayed his wife and slept with a prostitute.

As disgusting and unchristian as that slur might have been, Capstone Report has uncovered recent comment delivered by Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission at the National Immigration Forum.

“An evangelical Christian who despises immigrants is an evangelical Christian who is self-defeating and self-loathing because most of the Body of Christ on earth right now not to mention heaven is not white, is not middle class, is not American, doesn’t speak English,” the Southern Baptist leader said.

I would encourage you to click here to watch highly offensive remarks in their entirety.

The idea that evangelicals who support American sovereignty, border security and legal immigration are somehow self-loathing is appalling.

Ed Vitagliano, a talk radio host on American Family Radio, condemned Moore’s remarks, calling them a “pack of lies.”

“What is sad is that leftist evangelicals are beginning to lie about us as much as the pagans,” he said on AFR. “Russell Moore ought to apologize. Russell Moore ought to apologize for it and apologize to Southern Baptists who he represents.”

Like Mr. Vitagliano, I don’t know a single evangelical Christian who wants to secure the border because they despise immigrants.

On the contrary, most evangelicals I know love immigrants and want to embrace immigrants in their communities and their churches.

It is troubling that a Southern Baptist leader would condemn those Christians who support legal immigration. And it is equally troubling that a Southern Baptist leader would embrace those who knowingly violate American sovereignty and breach our borders.

Why doesn’t the ERLC address the plight of immigrants trying to come to America legally? Why doesn’t the ERLC defend American citizens who have suffered because of criminal illegal aliens?

But perhaps the most important question – why is any Southern Baptist entity affiliating itself with an organization funded by George Soros?

The New York Times reports that the National Immigration Forum is generously funded by George Soros, the notorious leftist. If you want additional information on their funding click here.

Every freedom-loving Southern Baptists ought to be asking their pastors why a Southern Baptist agency is affiliating itself with an organization funded by a known anti-American leftist.

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