Colton Dixon Helps Fund Life-Changing Surgeries With THIS Music Video

“American Idol” alum Colton Dixon told the Todd Starnes Show how he is using his talents to help those in need after experiencing miracles in his own life.

Dixon is partnering with the charity Mercy Ships to provide life-changing surgeries for those who can’t afford them.


Is Colton Dixon a good representation of Christians to the Music Industry?

Mercy Ships was founded in 1978 with the mission to reach people in need no matter where they are. The charity builds floating hospitals that are then taken to third-world countries to provide healthcare to those who need it most.

In the video for his new hit song “Build a Boat,” the artist tells the story of twin boys with bowed legs whose lives were changed forever as a result of surgeries provided by Mercy Ships. Watch the video below.

“The fact that Mercy Ships came in and straightened their legs, it really gave them a shot at a normal life in their community,” Dixon told host Todd Starnes. “It’s really cool what they do. Honored to be a part of that.”

To learn more about how you can partner with Mercy Ships, visit this link.

Dixon said that he has experienced miracles in his own life, and that motivates him to be a part of the mission of Mercy Ships.

The artist explained that when his wife was in labor with his twin daughters, she experienced complications that almost led to the death of one of the babies.

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“We chose to have faith in a kind of a grim situation,” the artist said. “But we were literally speaking my daughter’s name over her, her name Ava means ‘to live.’ So we were speaking her name over her and just believing that God was still a God of miracles.”

Dixon added that the family just celebrated the twin’s second birthday.

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He encouraged the audience to remain faithful and trust in God, even during difficult times.

“That’s what the song is all about, by stepping out in faith, and faith is what precedes a miracle. So I encourage you to do it,” Dixon said. Click here to donate to Mercy Ships.


The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon to 3:00 p.m. EST.

TODD STARNES: [01:43:05] All right, Colton Dixon’s on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. That’s been a long time ago, though. Colton, I hope you’re doing good. [01:43:12][6.9]


COLTON DIXON: [01:43:13] Man. I’m doing so good. Thanks for having me. That is hilarious. I’m going to tell Danny you said that. [01:43:19][5.1]

TODD STARNES: [01:43:19] No, no, no. Well, a Grace Baker, while Grace was talking about your hair, which is you got great hair. I mean, let’s be honest. You know, it is the thing. [01:43:26][6.9]

COLTON DIXON: [01:43:27] Thank you. [01:43:27][0.3]

TODD STARNES: [01:43:28] So, look, this is this interview has already gone off the rails. I don’t know what’s happened. Colton, this is look, this is a great song. And now there is a music video that has been premiered by People.com. We have a link to it on our Web site. But I want you to tell us there’s an incredible story behind this video. And I want you to tell our listeners about it. [01:43:46][17.9]

COLTON DIXON: [01:43:57] Yeah, man. Thank you so much, first of all, for playing the song. But we got to partner with an amazing organization called Mercy Ships. And for those who don’t know, Mercy ships literally build ships and convert them into hospitals and take them to third-world countries so that men, women, and children who don’t have access to health care or everyday surgeries like we do get the health care that they need. And this music video got to tell the story of actually a couple of twins. Twin boys. I’m not going to try to say their names because I would butcher it, but they’re just the sweetest little kids who had bowed legs. And what you might not realize is when you have a deformity and a civilization like that, you’re kind of shunned and you’re not allowed to do everyday activities. So the fact that Mercy Ships came in and straightened their legs, it really gave them a shot at a normal life in their community. So it’s really cool what they do. Honored to be a part of that. And yeah, I had a lot of fun doing that music video. [01:44:56][59.3]

TODD STARNES: [01:44:57] What does it take to go in and hear the story and then put a song together? Take it. Take us through that process. [01:45:04][6.8]

COLTON DIXON: [01:45:06] Yeah. Honestly, the song was inspired by the story of Noah. Probably doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, but now I was so encouraged by the story because I feel like Hollywood has portrayed it a certain way for so many years of this big struggle between God and Noah and, you know, Noah saying, you’ve got the wrong guy. Don’t want to do it, you know? You know, not right now, whatever. But the Bible says that God asked Noah to build an ark and gave him all these details of how he should build it. And then it said Noah did exactly as God commanded him to do that. Noah was obedient, and I just thought that was so simple and beautiful and challenged to me in my own life to rise to the occasion when God asked me to step out and do something crazy, I think that we would be a fool to not trust God with our future, because his plans are to prosperous, not to harm us, to give us hope and a future. So that’s what the song is all about by stepping out in faith and faith is what precedes a miracle. So I encourage you to do it. [01:46:02][55.9]

TODD STARNES: [01:46:03] And of course, you know something about that. The miracle part of that. I mean, you and your wife, you have twins. And there was a pretty big health scare for you guys back in 2020. [01:46:11][8.9]

COLTON DIXON: [01:46:13] Yeah. There was, ah, our first one out of the womb was little Ava Dior and she had started the birthing process already. We had to switch to C-section last minute and she wasn’t breathing, didn’t have a pulse, really scary. But we had a choice to make as believers, do we choose faith or fear? And I’m so thankful that my wife and I are on the same page. We chose to have faith in a kind of a grim situation. But we were literally speaking my daughter’s name over her, her name Ava means to live. So we were speaking her name over her and just believing that God was still a God of miracles. You know, I’ve seen him come through time and time again, so I believed he was going to do it again. So whether he reached down and touched little Dior first hand or he works through the doctors and nurses, we have two happy, healthy little girls who just turned two years old about a month ago. [01:47:12][58.3]

TODD STARNES: [01:47:12] Wow. Time just flies, doesn’t it? [01:47:14][1.7]

COLTON DIXON: [01:47:15] Flies, doesn’t it, man? We’re told that all the time, but we’re seeing it happen firsthand. It’s wild how fast it goes. [01:47:21][5.8]

TODD STARNES: [01:47:21] So are you thinking, you know, again, you don’t talk about global domination and Christian music, but like, you know, the Dixon family singers or. [01:47:29][7.9]

COLTON DIXON: [01:47:31] Man, that would be so much fun one day. I think the first step is to get them out on the road with me in some capacity. My wife used to travel with me full time before the kids and twins. Man, that would be a lot on the road currently. So we’re taking our time figuring that out. But yeah, they both love to sing all three, my wife included. They love to sing. So that would be really fun one day. [01:47:56][25.4]

TODD STARNES: [01:47:57] Well, Colton, I just think this is a great project and it’s really helping bring attention to an incredible charity that’s doing and just amazing work out there. And of course, Mercy Ships, they’ve been around since, what, 1978. And they’ve got I think they’re their newest ship, Global Mercy. They can actually fit up to 200 patients on that thing. So they’re doing some incredible work out there. [01:48:21][23.9]

COLTON DIXON: [01:48:22] And I agree. It’s an organization I’ve heard of long before the song ever came out. And of course, with the song coming out, it was just a perfect fit. I’m so honored that they would partner with us and what we’re doing as well. And got to sit down with actually one of the engineers who designed global mercy and sobering conversation. Amazing to hear the heart behind what they do and a really great organization. You should definitely check them out. [01:48:48][25.5]

TODD STARNES: [01:48:48] And we have links to everybody and everything over on our live show blog, ladies and gentlemen. So if you want to check out Colton’s new music video, you can do that. Also, if you’d like to get information on Mercy, Mercy ships. You can find that information as well. And I thought it would be great as we head out to break here. Well, that folk, I listen to this incredible song, Build a Boat. So, Colton. Hope you have a great weekend. Good to hear from you. And you got to make it down to Memphis one of these days. [01:49:15][27.3]

COLTON DIXON: [01:49:17] Man, we’d love to. The last time I was there, we hit up Graceland, so next time, we’ll have to visit the station. That’d be a lot of fun. [01:49:23][6.0]

TODD STARNES: [01:49:23] And we’re right down the street from Central Barbecue, so we’ll get you some ribs, too. [01:49:27][4.2]

COLTON DIXON: [01:49:28] Oh, yeah. Sounds good. [01:49:29][1.1]

TODD STARNES: [01:49:29] All right. Colton Dixon, ladies, and gentlemen, Colton, thank you. This is Build a Boat on the Todd Starnes radio show. [01:49:35][6.4]

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