Dacus: Teachers Union, LGBT Groups Promoting Satan Clubs to Mock Christians, Groom Kids

The Satanic Temple is launching a national campaign targeting public school children with a “radical sex agenda” and to “despise Christians,” legal expert Brad Dacus told the “Todd Starnes Show” Thursday.

Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, is hosting a Zoom call Wednesday, Aug. 23, to discuss the Satan club campaign and how parents and teachers can protect kids.

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“A lot of teachers union members are behind it. The national LGBTQ movement is orchestrating this and behind this,” Dacus told host Todd Starnes. “So it needs to be taken very seriously.”

He said the Satanic Temple is using the clubs to groom the next generation to hate Christians and adopt lifestyles and orientations that are “completely inappropriate” for minors.

“It’s going to have a lot of casualties for children who are brought in and deceived to despise Christians, to be deceived into lifestyles and orientations that are completely inappropriate for public schools, and particularly for young children,” Dacus explained.

“The problem, though, is that they come in under the name of Satan clubs, and that’s really a mockery of the Christian clubs,” he added. “They don’t really necessarily, you know, worship Satan. They’re really just atheists, pro-LGBTQ, trying to push radical sexual agendas.”

Dacus said parents, youth pastors, and churches need to be especially alert.


“They can be addressed by age-inappropriate material,” he explained. “School districts can adopt policies requiring that parents be notified of any student participation in any student club or afterschool club. So that puts parents on notice, particularly if the LGBTQ are using this as a mask to deceive parents and victimize children, which we see happening quite a bit.”

If there is a Satan club coming on a campus near you, PJI can partner with youth ministries like Decision Point to hold a revival rally, which Dacus said has been “very effective.”

“In the end, truth prevails over darkness,” Dacus said.

Do you support Satan clubs for children?

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