Democrats Have Turned San Francisco into Third World Slum

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So much for the California dream. Attorney Harmeet Dhillon is living a nightmare right now in California.

“I walked to work this morning in San Francisco and on my way I had to avoid human waste, needles, homeless people, etc.,” Dhillon told The Todd Starnes Radio Show. “Our one beautiful city has really become marred by this issue, and Los Angeles is even worse.”

Is it ever. As reported on The Todd Starnes Show, Los Angeles is mired in problems involving rats, parks filled with drug needles, and growing homeless populations. Monday, Dr. Drew Pinsky told the program that it is likely that the City of Angels could see a plague caused by the rats.

“What we hear from liberals and across California is that it is compassionate to allow people to live in this way, but first of all it’s not compassionate for them to live in squalor and disease, or for us as a society to allow that,” said Dhillon, who also serves on the Trump 2020 Advisory Council. “Secondly, it is not compassionate to the people who are not living on the street to be subjected to risk of disease and worse.”

Dhillon considers it a critical mass situation.

“Interestingly, here in San Francisco, where there was a proposal by the mayor to house some of the homeless on our beautiful Embarcadero pier, the liberals who live near it are up in arms,” she added. “They love the idea of being compassionate to the homeless, until it’s in their backyard.”

“It’s shocking how rapidly things are taking a turn for the worse in San Francisco and Los Angeles,” said Todd Starnes. “But the fact of the matter is these are cities that have been controlled for decades by Democrats.”

And just who are some of those “Democrats?”

“Senator Kamala Harris was the district attorney here,” said Dhillon. “Senator Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all live in my district.”

Starnes chimed in saying that what California needs is a political savior like President Donald Trump.

“I would be willing to donate a hazmat suit for him to (wear) to give a speech on top of one of those piles of garbage in Los Angeles saying, ‘Is this how you want to live?’” Starnes quipped. “This is outrageous.”

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