DeStefano says Atheists are using Christians as ‘Punching Bags’

Anthony DeStefano, author of Inside the Atheist Mind: Unmasking the Religion of Those Who Say There is No God, says Christians must be more diligent in their attack on atheism in America today.

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DeStefano argues that since atheism is rooted in a philosophy of hopelessness, it must be confronted and challenged in a more aggressive manner than what is common among Christians today.

Atheistic attacks on Christians found on billboards and in media during the Easter and Christmas times are becoming more and more prevalent, DeStefano says, and the Church must stand up the “bully” in the room and fight back.

“They are using us as punching bags,” DeStefano said on “The Todd Starnes Show,” referring to attempts by atheists to belittle and mock Christians because of their faith and political movement in the conservative movement.

“The only thing you can do to a bully is to stand up and fight them,” he said. DeStefano said the issue goes deeper than just attacks on Christianity, noting the atheistic and humanistic philosophy has moved to attacking free speech on college campuses nationwide.

He argues that while those who engage in such behavior may not be “professed atheists,” they are “functional atheists,” living out the nihilistic philosophy with their words and actions.

“They don’t believe that free speech is a God-given, inalienable right because they don’t believe in God,” he noted.

Starnes and DeStefano challenged Christians who would “capitulate” to anti-Christian culture to challenge those who seek to mock and desire their faith in the public sphere.

DeStefano said he has personally been a victim of such attacks, noting that his book was given numerous one-star” reviews on Amazon because it is dedicated to challenging the hypocrisy of atheists in today’s culture. He says he has also been threatened with legal intimidation since his book’s release.

He concluded by saying that atheists are militant in attempting to eradicate Christianity from American culture and will do anything to “drive your opinion and any notion of religion from the public square.”

DeStefano’s book can be purchased here.

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