Diamond and Silk Applaud Minorities for Abandoning “Democrat Rats”

Conservative commentators Diamond and Silk recently torched Democrats while weighed in on an Emerson poll conducted late November showing African American support for President Donald Trump at a whopping 34.5 percent.

“People are tired of these Democrat rats,” the Fox Nation hosts told The Todd Starnes Show.

Democrats only “pander for black people, but I believe black people are woke,” Diamond and Silk continued. “You have Black Voices for Trump out there.” Check out their full interview here.

The same Emerson poll conducted in October found black support for Trump at 17.8 percent.

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The duo believes President Trump has supporters “that you see, and those that you don’t see that really support and love him, and they don’t like how he is being treated” by establishment media.

“[Democrats are] advocating for illegal aliens to have free [healthcare],” Diamond and Silk described while pointing to the irony of how American taxpayers would not only have to pick up the tab, but were previously penalized for opting out of the Affordable Care Act.

Weighing in on the current impeachment inquiry by House Democrats, the North Carolina sisters said “there is something they don’t want the American people to see.” Democrats are “nothing but liars and crooks” who are “advocating for Socialism.”

“Why do you want to destroy the country,” they asked the Democrat party.

Diamond and Silk were lifelong Democrats until the 2016 election cycle when they decided to “ditch and switch” to support then-candidate Trump.