Diamond & Silk Say Kaepernick Might Be Happy Living in Another Country

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Conservative activists Diamond and Silk roasted Colin Kaepernick on Monday after he trashed the United States while making millions of dollars on American soil.

“I’m tired of these people talking about [how] they don’t like our policies,” the duo stated during their appearance on The Todd Starnes Show. “Ignore race baiters, haters, and agitators. And that’s what Colin Kaepernick is.”

“They don’t like America, but they make millions and millions of dollars in America,” Diamond and Silk continued. “Then go somewhere where you like it.”

Kaepernick recently drew criticism for his controversial tweets following the United States’ fatal attack on Iranian leader Qassem Soleimani.

“President Trump has been trying to give Iran a chance,” Diamond and Silk said. Listen to their entire interview here.

“They keep testing the waters. They keep pushing the paper over the edge until it falls.”

The dynamic duo believes that President Trump’s approach to foreign policy “has the United States of America looking strong,” adding that Democrats are only in it for the money.

“Obama drew a line in the sand and gave them 150 billion,” they said. “[President Trump] took a drone and some missiles up over there.”

The sisters say their upcoming pro-life brunch at Trump International Hotel will strongly condemn Planned Parenthood, which they believe targets minority communities.

“We’re doing it Diamond and Silk style, and we’re talking about the in’s and out’s about abortion,” they told Starnes.

“We’re going to talk about how you need to say ‘yes’ to life.” Click here for more information on their pro-life brunch.