IMPORTANT: Our Friends at Alliance Defending Freedom Need Our Help

President Biden is threatening to force private businesses to require employees to get vaccines. This is what fascism looks like. And our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom plan to sue the Biden Administration should that happen. That’s why they need our help. ADF represents all of their clients pro-bono — free of charge. Your investment of $100 in the Freedom Fund will help Alliance Defending Freedom continue to fight pivotal court battles and be ready when your freedoms are threatened too. And your donation is 100 percent tax deductible. If you donate $1,000 – you will receive some special gifts from Todd: a leather Todd Starnes Show bomber jacket, all of Todd’s books personally autographed, and a private Zoom call with Todd and your church group, Bible study group or political group. Click on the link below to donate any amount!

Click here or call 855-716-7461 to donate now.