Former FBI Agent Warns Conservatives to be Ready for Anti-Trump Violence

During a recent appearance on The Todd Starnes Show, former FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam advised the public – and particularly supporters of President Donald Trump – on how to protect themselves against potential attacks.

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“People need to realize that the potential for violence is there,” Gilliam told Starnes on Monday. ““If you wear your [MAGA hat] when you’re going out to a theater, you are going to be under a threat.”

Rather than remain fearful while in public, Gilliam advises conservatives to identify the vulnerabilities that an anti-Trump attacker may exploit.

Look at your situation “from the attacker’s point of view,” he added. Listen to his entire interview here.

Author of Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival,” Gilliam reflected on the incident he experienced at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. where anti-Trump wedding attendees went after him and supporters of a conservative Women for America First seminar.

“It was like they couldn’t stop themselves. The rage within them was so unbelievable,” he told Starnes. “Every time they were walking by where our event was going on, their fist would be in a ball.”

“Everybody needs to realize, they need to be aware, that if you are a Trump supporter, and you’re at a Trump event … there is a potential for these people to attack,” Gilliam continued.

Groups such as Antifa are not the only instigators of violence, Gilliam said, adding that perpetrators may lash out even in the high-profile setting of a wedding reception.

Gilliam believes the politically inspired violence is largely one-sided. “If there’s a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton sticker on something, [conservatives are] not going to do anything to them. Those people are not under threat.”

“A lot of people are not talking about this violence on the left. We’re absolutely not seeing it in mainstream media at all,” he said.

As a former Navy SEAL, Gilliam pointed to the recent Second Amendment gathering in Virginia as an example of productive and safe activism. “20,000 strong … that’s the way people need to stand together,” he told Starnes.