Fox Radio’s Starnes Says Lawmakers Who Harbor Illegals Have Blood on Hands

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Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes unleashed a scathing indictment of congressional lawmakers accusing them of being complicit in the deaths of an NFL star and an Uber driver killed by an alleged drunk driver who was in the country illegally.

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Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and Uber driver Jeffrey Monroe, were killed early Sunday morning after they pulled over in the emergency lane of Interstate 70 because Jackson had become ill. Monroe assisted Jackson, but the two men were struck by a drunk driver.

The vehicle that hit Jackson and Monroe was driven by one Manuel Orrego-Savala, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who had been deported twice previously, once in 2007, and again in 2009.

“The blood of those two men, the blood of Kate Steinle, it’s on the hands of every single American lawmaker who refuses to secure the border,” Starnes said. “Every lawmaker who provides safe harbor for the illegal aliens, the blood of the innocent is on their hands.”

President Trump weighed in on the tragedy earlier Tuesday, calling the incident “disgraceful.”

“I don’t know about you, but I am disgusted, absolutely disgusted,” Starnes said.  “I ask you this question: How many more Americans have to die at the hands of an illegal alien? How many, America?

The nationally syndicated radio host did not shy away from naming names, pointing the finger directly at GOP Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain as well as representatives Nancy Pelosi and Luis Gutierrez and former president Barack Obama.

Saying that lawmakers were only going to kick the immigration issue can down the road again, Starnes told his listeners that “this is only going to get fixed if we the people rise up and demand that congress do something.”

Starnes expressed displeasure that here we are, “over a year into the Trump presidency,” and the border wall has yet to be built and “illegals are still flooding the country.” Adding that chain migration and the diversity lottery were “still the rule of the land,” Starnes said that the number of “so called Dreamers keeps going up every single day.”

As he finished his monologue, Starnes told his listeners that there were several lawmakers who listened to his show, and asked them what they would like to say to those lawmakers, saying that they had “done nothing but defend the illegal aliens.”

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