GOOD NEWS: Some Heroes Wear Masks, Others Make Them

Other than being able to freely walk outside of their homes, the American people have been waiting for their stimulus checks from the government. Can you blame them?

Who wouldn’t want an extra $1,200 in their pocket? But instead of using this money on themselves, some people are paying their stimulus checks forward.

Ruben Caceres, a special needs teacher in Dallas, is using his stimulus check to make masks for his students.

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“I wanted to make these masks for my kids so that they could feel a little bit more protected,” he told Fox News. “Many of the students he works with are more prone to catching the virus because, as he describes it, they are more “medically fragile”.

Several of the masks Caceres has made include fun designs such as birds, floral patterns, and a double-decker bus. When asked what inspires him to do something like this, he simply responds with “this is what I was put on earth to do.”

Caceres is also making masks for the parents of his students and is asking for old shirts so he can turn them into masks. If you would like to donate, email

Click here to watch his entire interview on Fox News.

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