Hogan Gidley: Americans Should Enter USA Through Mexico Border to Avoid Testing


Americans traveling should fly into Mexico and cross the border on foot to avoid COVID testing, Hogan Gidley, director of the Center for Election Integrity and a Newsmax contributor, told the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday.

The former Trump campaign spokesman came up with the idea in response to President Biden’s expected travel restrictions that he said are unconstitutional.

“What you need to do is if you’re going to travel, your return flight should go through Mexico and then you just get off the plane and come up illegally,” Gidley told host Todd Starnes. “You don’t even need your documentation. Then you don’t have to quarantine. You don’t need any restrictions. You don’t need to wear a mask or anything because we know that’s the way it works.”

Gidley added: “I mean, this is so ridiculous.” Listen to the full interview below.

Below is a rushed transcript of Hogan Gidley on the Todd Starnes Radio Show:

Starnes: [00:39:13] It’s a great cracker, you know? And so I got the crackers and I heard the one minute mark and I’m like, Do I take a bite? And maybe others, a sticky take a bite, and it’s like, I’m just putting the cracker to my mouth and taking it out. And I thought, You know what? Hogan Gidley doesn’t deserve this. He doesn’t deserve to have me still chewing on a peanut butter cracker before we bring him on the radio show. I mean, that’s just inappropriate. Now, if it was Mark Meadows, OK, but not Hogan, get like, So who is on the Patriot bobble newsmaker line, by the way, our great friend and Newsmax contributor Hogan Gidley? [00:39:48][35.4]

Gidley: [00:39:50] Hey, Todd, thanks so much. And by the way, it’s the perfect time for you to take a bite of the cracker because then I get to fill the time chewing. [00:39:56][6.0]

Starnes: [00:39:58] That’s, you know, that’s a fair [00:39:59][1.2]

Gidley: [00:39:59] ask the question. Mm hmm. Take the bite and then turn it over to me, and then you just keep chewing. [00:40:03][3.8]

Starnes: [00:40:04] Well, there you go. All right. That’s Wallace radio talk radio etiquette. I suppose so. It is what it is. All right, Hogan, good to have you with us today. A lot to a lot going on. And of course, the big big story of the day happening at the Supreme Court. And I mentioned this earlier in the first hour of the show. Thank God for Donald Trump. Otherwise, we would not be having these kinds of discussions right now about what he did to the Supreme Court and the radical changes he brought to the judiciary. I think that’s his legacy. [00:40:33][29.4]

Gidley: [00:40:35] It really is. He did so many things to make sure that that there were people in positions on the judiciary and in courtrooms that actually followed, the law refused to make law from the bench. We’re seeing some of the ramifications of that all over the country with different rulings. But hopefully at the Supreme Court, you’re going to see a group of jurists who decide that that the law is important and the 14th Amendment protecting due process fifth and Fourteenth Amendment right to life. Those things are going to be protected. We hope that if something happens and boy, I tell you, I don’t know how they’re going to ultimately rule, but what a blessing that would be heading into the March for life coming up in January. I think it’s in January or early February to get that type of ruling from the Supreme Court. So I think everyone’s watching it and everyone’s waiting to see exactly what’s going to happen. But boy, what a what a what a good day this could potentially be for four people in this country who who have been standing up for life for so many years. [00:41:40][65.1]

Starnes: [00:41:41] Yeah. And of course, it’s a dangerous game to guess, you know, just based on the oral arguments. But a lot of pundits are very, very happy, and they’re confident that this is going to be a good day for pro-lifers. But I will say this before we move on here. You know, Donald Trump went out there and he campaigned, he said, I’m going to be the most pro-life president in history. But you know what? Hogan, he delivered on that promise, and I really do believe that Donald Trump is in fact, the most pro-life president in American history. [00:42:09][28.1]

Gidley: [00:42:10] I’ve heard it from so many different people who’ve been on the front lines of these battles for a long time. Not just the Mexico City policy that we all know and talk about, but putting people on the bench who who stood up for life throughout their career, as well as very important first prize in history to go to the March for life, for heaven’s sake. So someone like that who really said that’s what he was going to do and actually did it, and of course, only at Washington, D.C. is it. Is it unique for someone to say they’re going to do something and then actually do it everywhere else? You know that that that’s to be expected. But in D.C. people, people think double is just kind of a normal way of life. And it really is. But it wasn’t really for Donald Trump. And one thing I’ll say, Todd, I think last week we spoke a couple of weeks ago before Thanksgiving, I was coming to you live from the road. I’m on the road again, this time in the People’s Republic of California, at San Diego, at the ALEC conference, and we’re talking about election integrity and other things out here. But man, what a different, different situation I’m in in this state versus versus Florida or Texas or any of the other places I visited in the last year. [00:43:15][64.6]

Starnes: [00:43:15] You know, it’s funny you say that we had a guy column call into the show yesterday from Memphis, and he works with one of the the sports teams. They were up in New York City a couple of weeks ago for some sort of a game. And he said it was like going to a different country, just the, you know, the shutdowns. You had to show your papers to get into restaurants and places. It’s just very different. And I think we’re, you know, a reminder of how blessed we are to live in, you know, free states like Tennessee, Florida and, quite frankly, most of the southern states. [00:43:46][31.3]

Gidley: [00:43:48] Absolutely. And I met some of your legislators from the state of Tennessee here today and had conversations with them after my presentation in my remarks. And people are really focused on, you know, passing good laws at the local level to protect families, the federal government falling down on the job so much since Joe Biden was sworn in and since he’s been at the White House. And so, you know, you’re leaving it up to these states to really to do what they can do in order to ensure that, you know, children have a future and that families can succeed in these difficult times. So it’s a real honor to be here at ALEC and to be presenting and having conversations about how we can ensure that the people who want good policies actually can get elected and free, fair and honest elections. [00:44:30][42.5]

Starnes: [00:44:31] You know, on the Patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Newsmax contributor Hogan Gidley. Hogan Tomorrow, President Biden expected to announce what The Wall Street Journal. I’m sorry. The Washington Post rather called the strictest travel restrictions since the pandemic started forcing Americans to quarantine, and I suspect it’s just going to get even worse after the holiday season. [00:44:53][22.4]

Gidley: [00:44:55] Well, maybe, but I have a solution to that problem because I know a lot of people are concerned about constitutionality. Can they do it? How do you enforce it, et cetera, et cetera? What you need to do is if you’re going to travel, your return flight should go through Mexico and then you just get off the plane and come up illegally. You don’t even need your documentation. Then you don’t have to quarantine. You don’t need any restrictions. You don’t need to wear a mask or anything because we know that’s the way it works. I mean, this is so ridiculous. Listen to this administration because remember, it was it was their language, their rhetoric on the campaign trail that said Donald Trump was to blame for all of this and that every single death was his fault. Now we see more deaths under Joe Biden than we had under Donald Trump, and all of a sudden they’ve changed now to the it’s the governor’s fault now. I mean, we used to be just the president’s fault right now. It’s all the governor’s faults and their issues, but they’re trying to pass these mandates that keep getting rejected right and left and other talking about, as you mentioned, the quarantining to. I just don’t know how you enforce any of this type of stuff. I think at this point, people are pretty fed up with the process. They’re fed up with these laws and these lockdowns and the showing and all the polling we’ve seen. People are really furious at the way Joe Biden has handled it. And let’s not forget it was the one issue he had that he was actually in the positive on was was coronavirus handling. Now he’s upside down on that. Two and more people disapprove of the job he’s doing. So expect more of his his crazy rhetoric. I heard I heard when one person on a on Fox today or I guess since yesterday made the comment. I think he’s maxed out his charge card on COPE. He keeps trying to just spend more and people like, No, sorry, you’re done, you can’t do anything else. And I think that’s really the case. [00:46:38][103.3]

Starnes: [00:46:38] And by the way, to bring this full circle. So the judge in Louisiana, the federal judge who put a hold on the on the vaccine mandates for health care workers, are put onto the bench by President Trump. So again, just goes to show you the the importance of electing strong Republicans to the highest office in the land. [00:47:02][23.3]

Gidley: [00:47:03] Absolutely, and again, it highlights and undergirds what we were talking about the beginning. That is, if you just follow the laws, you know, it’s rare you need to really pass all that many more. The problem is so many aren’t followed and in so many on the benches, turn around and make laws that they say that they like from a political aspect has nothing to do with precedent. Nothing to do with with, you know, any of any of the laws in this country is just something they want. And we’re seeing now a cessation of that. And that’s that’s a good thing for the American people. [00:47:34][31.0]

Starnes: [00:47:35] All right. Two things Hogan, you’re down there in California, San Diego. You got to check out the Hotel Del out there on Coronado Island. That’s a great place to just go hang out. And if you’re looking for a great meal, a good buddy of mine owns a couple of restaurants out there once called Slap Fish. Chef Andrew Gruel. And he’s a strong conservative and he’s been really doing a lot for the restaurant community during the pandemic. But the guy his food is incredible. [00:48:00][25.5]

Gidley: [00:48:02] Well, we need to text about this offline because I’m just trying to survive right now. You’re talking about going to hang out. Am definitely in enemy territory, even though this conference is full of a lot of conservatism. I’m going outside and I think people are giving me the side eye every time I walk out there. Quite they’re quite confused as to why I’m walking around their town. So, you know, with with with with no mask and trying to figure out where I’m going to get back to my hotel as fast as I can, but I appreciate the recommendations. I know that you’re a well-traveled man and you have a lot of friends all over this country who can who can help somebody out and offer some, some safe harbor and protection. I may go check it out. [00:48:37][35.2]

Starnes: [00:48:37] If you get in the gym, give me a call, Wilson. Some folks down there to bail you out. [00:48:41][4.0]

Gidley: [00:48:44] That’s great. [00:48:44][0.3]

Starnes: [00:48:44] All right. All right. Hogan Gidley, ladies and gentlemen, live from behind enemy lines over in Southern California. Hogan God bless. [00:48:52][7.5]

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