Hospital Refuses to Let 12-Year-Old Boy Visit His Dying Grandmother

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All 12-year-old Jonathan wanted was to hug his grandmother, who was very ill at an Iowa hospital, but medical personal refused, citing the dangers of COVID-19. Instead, Jonathan and his 10-year-old brother were forced to say goodbye through a hospital window.

Here’s what Jonathan told The Todd Starnes Show Thursday.

Below is a rushed transcript of Jonathan’s phone call with host Todd Starnes:

Starnes: I want to go to this caller. His name is Jonathan from Iowa. And Jonathan, I understand you’re 12 years old. Is that right?

Jonathan: Well, I’m 14 now, but I was 12 at the time of it.

Starnes: Oh, I see. All right. So you say you’re 14 years old now, but something happened when you were 12 years old? Tell us what happened.

Jonathan: Well, one day last year, this or my grandma wasn’t doing very well in the hospital, so we went up to the hospital and, you know, we had to wear the mask and take our temperature to get in which we had to go through the front door. But there was this back door closer to her room that we could have gone through and past the less rooms. But anyway, we were going to go back to her room and the head nurse stopped us and said Me and my brother couldn’t go back because the virus was worse on kids. So we got the administrator to talk to us, and they would not let us go back, so. Then they were just. So then they finally decided to slide her bed over towards the window and open a window so we could and we had to say goodbye through the window.

Starnes: Jonathan, so and how old is your brother?

Jonathan: Right now, he’s 12.

Starnes: So he was, what, 10 years old when this happened, so, so. So you were outside the hospital and they open up the window. So and that was the only way that you could you could talk to your grandma.

Jonathan: Yeah, we had to hold her hand through the window.

Starnes: Oh my goodness, Jonathan. I mean, how did that make you feel knowing that you were not allowed inside the hospital to be there with your grandma?

Jonathan: It was pretty frustrating that they would actually do that. I’m surprised they could even. I have the guts to do that.

Starnes: Hmm. And what happened to your grandma?

Jonathan: She passed away that day.

Starnes: She passed away that day, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Starnes: Oh, that is terrible. What have your parents have they had any conversations with that with the hospital? Did they file a complaint?

Jonathan: Well, I think my mom told the administrators higher ups ones, but we really haven’t gotten anything out of them now.

Starnes: Now, Jonathan, you’re 14 years old now and you seem like a pretty smart young fella when you see all these rules and regulations coming down from Washington about wearing a mask and being forced to get vaccinated. How do you feel about that?

Jonathan: It’s just surprising that people in America could be that way because there are all kinds of proof out there that they really do not work.

Starnes: That’s true. It’s a good point. I bet you miss your grandma.

Jonathan: Yeah, sometimes are harder than others.

Starnes: I can imagine, I can imagine. Well, you know, she’s she’s. She was a great lady and I know she loved you and your brother a whole lot. And I know she’s in a great place right now.

Jonathan: Yeah, thank you.


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