Huckabee: When Democrats Run Major Cities, Thugs Will Run the Streets

Television host Mike Huckabee told The Todd Starnes Show that cities witnessing a spike in homelessness, drugs, and violence have a major commonality – Democrat leadership.

“I hope people will realize that if we continue to elect left-wing politicians, then it’s not going to be unusual to see thugs running the streets,” Huckabee told the Starnes radio show.

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“There’s a common thread about all these major cities that have” spiraled downward, the former Arkansas governor said. “The commonality is that they’re all run by longtime left-wing Democrats.”

Huckabee noted how the residents of multiple Democrat-controlled cities are leaving in droves to neighboring states.

“A lot of people are leaving New York, California, Chicago, and they’re coming to places that are more friendly in terms of tax policy, regulatory policy, a lifestyle and a culture that is more conducive to raise a family.”

Listen to his full interview with Starnes here.