It’s ‘Disturbing’ that Obama Got Involved with Russia Collusion Probe, O’Reilly Says

Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox News anchor, told the “Todd Starnes Radio Show” Thursday that it is disturbing that former President Obama has been linked to the Russia collusion investigation and said the Justice Department needs to eventually explain his role.

President Trump has been critical of Obama and his alleged attempt to undermine his administration with the Russia investigation and the case against his Michael Flynn, his first national security adviser. On Thursday, Trump called on Sen. Lindsey Graham to haul the former president to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


“I assume that when the report comes back by U.S. Attorney John Durham, we’ll get a little bit of a window into what the Obama administration did vis a vis Russian collusion and perhaps some exposition on Barack Obama himself,” O’Reilly said.

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O’Reilly, who now manages BillOReilly.com, said he does not believe the Supreme Court would allow a former president to be forced to testify in front of the Senate over these allegations.

“It just isn’t done in our country,” O’Reilly said.

But O’Reilly was quick to criticize the media and its treatment of Joe Biden during the “unmasking” controversy.

O’Reilly pointed to a recent Biden interview on ABC News conducted by George Stephanopoulos, who “should not be in any journalistic capacity” since he is a Democrat political strategist.

Biden was asked by Stephanopoulos what he knew about “moves to investigate Michael Flynn” and if anything improper was done. Biden responded that he “knew nothing about those moves.”

Stephanopoulos followed up the question with another, asking about his presence during a January 2017 meeting with Obama and other top national security leaders where Flynn was discussed.

“No, I thought you asked me whether I had anything to do with him being prosecuted. I’m sorry,” Biden said. “I was aware that there was … that they asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know about it, and I don’t think anything else.”

O’Reilly said Stephanopoulos asked the wrong question. He said the question is not whether or not Biden recalls the meeting.

“The question is, ‘You put a signature on the request to the National Security Agency to find out what American citizen was on the call to the Russian ambassador. You, Joe Biden, put your name on that with eight days left on the job. Why on Earth would you do that?’ Now, that’s way beyond George Stephanopoulos to think of it, and even if he did he wouldn’t ask it, because that’s the key.”

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