Janet Mefferd Rips Garbage Journalism For Blaming China Virus on Churches

Janet Mefferd, the host of “Janet Mefferd Today,” said Tuesday that journalists after doing their best to try and tie coronavirus outbreaks to churches but are basing their stories on nonsense all to fit a political narrative.


Mefferd told the “Todd Starnes Show” that she has a background in journalism, said that she still consumes news with an editor’s lense. She said that she spotted a troubling trend in many news reports that act as though churches are the main problem when it comes to coronavirus infections in the country.

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She said that she began to look into the issue to determine if these reports were true and said the theory came up “way short.”

“In fact, when I started really digging into these stories…they were just making stuff up,” she said. “And it really started to bother me.”

She wrote a column on her website, JanetMefferd.com, titled, “The Great Church COVID-19 Plague that Wasn’t, Or Why You Should Ignore Garbage Journalism.”


She listed some of the eye-popping headlines that have recently linked churches to new outbreaks. One, for example, was from the New York Times, titled, “Churches Were Eager to Reopen. Now They Are Confronting Coronavirus Cases.”

She pointed to the article that said “nearly” 40 churches were “linked” to 650 coronavirus cases across the U.S. She questioned what the Times defines as “linked” and pointed to an article in Reason.com that blew holes in the paper’s report. The website said that the church-related cases brought to light by the Times would account for .02 percent of the total cases in the country.

Todd Starnes, the host of the program, said that churches have been in the crosshairs of state leadership since the beginning of the outbreak and pointed to Grace Community Church’s decision last weekend to defy California’s ban on singing and indoor worship and asked Mefferd if she agreed with the move.

She said it is “high time” that these churches begin standing up to governors who are drunk with post-pandemic power. She pointed to how these state leaders are hypocrites by basically cheering on Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters while clamping down on places of worship.


She said that she believes many Christians across the U.S. watched these protests unfold in their cities and noticed how elected officials cheered them on, and began questioning government warnings.

“We’re seeing churches wake up to the realities of the politics,” she said. She said churches have been “more and more willing to say, ‘Alright, I’ve had enough of this.'”

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