Jason Miller: ‘We Need More Than Just Facebook’


Ex-Trump aide and GETTR CEO, Jason Miller, told the Todd Starnes Show “we need more than just Facebook and Twitter” after the 8-hour outage Monday.

GETTR has gained popularity since its launch with over 2 million users for championing free thought in stark contrast to other Big Tech companies censoring users for conservative views and opinions.

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Below is a rushed transcript of Jason Miller, former Trump aide and CEO of GETTR, on the Todd Starnes Show Monday.

STARNES: I want to go right now, though, to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, the only social media site still up and running. Get her dot com. Run by our good friend Jason Miller. Jason, good to have you with us today.

MILLER: Good to be with you. If I didn’t know any better, I think that maybe this is a way to get them to stop talking about the Facebook whistleblower. Like, Hey, don’t pay attention to the fact that we’re targeting pre-teen girls to with our social media efforts. Let’s talk about how this whole system went down. So if I was into conspiratorial-type things, I might throw that out there, but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

STARNES: Oh, I’m sure it is as well. Instagram, WhatsApp, lots of other affiliated apps that Facebook owns are all down, and we’re getting some reports of some outages involving Verizon and AT&T as well, Jason. So something clearly weird is going on, but I’m with you. What better way to get the country to stop talking about that and to focus their attention? But it also is hashtag winning. Forget her because you guys are doing tremendous work over there.

MILLER: Yeah, and it’s really going great. No, we’re up over two and a half million users. In addition to the US, Japan has been surging of late. So this is really exciting. And I think just every example of what we’re seeing here, whether it’s Facebook in the news, Facebook, whether it be the whistleblower or some of their discriminatory type policies or even the outages, it just reminds people we need more than just Facebook and Twitter. And so I think this is part of the reason why Jenner has been so popular, and especially with President Trump getting back out there and do it rallies and people realizing that it would die to have some outlet for truly independent thought. I think that’s why we’re doing so well.

STARNES: No, I’m with you and we’ve seen a lot of success with that with our get her account. We’re very happy with that. And it’s just again nice to see that content-free thought and expression is able to exist and not only exist, but also do so in a very successful way, which is what you’ve demonstrated with getter and the rapid growth. That being said, we’ve got to get a handle on what’s been happening with Big Tech and the censorship they actually was it Twitter, I believe, actually called out a woman’s obituary because it mentioned the China virus. I mean, this is nuts.

MILLER: Yeah, it’s nuts. And again, it’s you know, I have someone asked me last week if I thought that with the rise of cancer and people moving away from Twitter and Facebook, if these big tech giants would realize the error of their ways and start to moderate some of their behavior. So no, I think I think once they kicked off President Trump that there’s going to put the pedal to the metal and try to wipe everybody else out, not just here in the U.S., but places who have elections in 2022. Think the Philippines, Brazil, Hungary, France or some of the and obviously the U.S. midterms. There’s going to keep going. This is their opportunity to just snuff out any dissent inside, and they’re not going to back off of anything. They’re going to go even faster and stronger.

STARNES: On the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Jason Miller. Jason, you know, you mentioned President Trump. He’s going to be heading to Iowa. A lot of speculation. I know, I know. The president was told us early on he wasn’t ready to make an announcement just yet, but it certainly is. He certainly is putting out some feelers. And I think the American people and especially Republican voters, say Donald Trump is their man. That’s what all the polling data says.

MILLER: Yeah, and it shows that the people want a break. And I think even as you start looking at the broader public and see how much of a disaster Joe Biden has been and the crisis after crisis. I mean, in fact, he’s caused single-handedly caused just about every crisis out there except for this Facebook crash. I think that’s that might be the only disaster that he doesn’t have his fingerprints on it in some way, shape or form. But people want real leadership back in the White House. I think that’s why the hunger to get President Trump back,

STARNES: not well, the climate I’m with you. And that was certainly representative of the crowd there in Perry, Georgia, and of course, the president heading to Iowa. This is going to be fascinating to see it all play out, but I think people, when they see what this what Joe Biden has done to this country and less than 10 months there done, they are ready for change in Washington.

MILLER: Absolutely. Especially as we talk, you know, even with the doctors that you’ve seen over the weekend, it was too soon to say if we were going to be allowed to have Christmas get-togethers this year. I mean, people are just sick and tired of it. They’re sick and tired of the nanny state. But AOC the socialist grab that Congress is trying to do with Nancy and chuck him and all the crazies on Capitol Hill and people just want to get life back to normal. But it doesn’t seem that the political left or Big Tech or Big Media want to let that happen.

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