Jeffress Says Trump Committed Two Unpardonable Sins: He Beat Hillary and He’s Keeping Campaign Promises

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Dr. Robert Jeffress, the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, delivered a stirring defense of President Trump during Monday’s edition of the Todd Starnes Radio Show. 

“He’s the most resilient human being I know,” he said. “The president is still getting a lot of things accomplished in spite of this hoax impeachment trial.”

And that, quite frankly, is driving the Democrats nuts.

“The president is being impeached not because of Ukraine,” said Jeffress, a spiritual advisor to the president. “The president’s trial is because he’s committed two, unpardonable sins – in the eyes of the Democrats.”

And what exactly were those unpardonable, unforgivable sins?

“Number one he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016,” Jeffress said. “And number two he is fulfilling every campaign promise he made and the Democrats are apoplectic about that.”

Click here to listen to the pastor’s entire interview with Todd Starnes.