Join Todd as We ‘Pray for Ukraine’

A Virginia school district told athletes they couldn’t wear pre-game shirts advocating peace in Ukraine, claiming peace is “political,” Clare Levison told the Todd Starnes Show.

So the Todd Starnes Show has decided to promote “Pray for Ukraine” t-shirts.

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All proceeds will go to Solidarna Molod to provide support for their territorial defense in purchasing walkie-talkies, satellite phones, aid kits, and helmets.

Starnes Media Group is  proud to stand alongside Ukraine. We join freedom loving people across the world in praying for peace. Just last week, Starnes Media Group visited the Polish-Ukraine border and saw firsthand the devastating consequences of the war. We are working with our conservative friends and allies to support their territorial defense by purchasing, walkie-talkies, satellite phones, thermal clothing, first aid kits, protective helmets, and generators. All proceeds from the purchase of our “Pray for Ukraine” shirt will go toward these efforts

Our conservative friends in Ukraine are just like us hard-working freedom loving people fighting for freedom and a better future. Will you help us? 

Never take your freedom for granted.

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Do you pray for Ukraine?