Kat Cammack SLAMS Radical Dems: We Don’t Have the Right to Kill Another Person

Nancy Pelosi has a legacy of supporting the murder of unborn babies, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) said on the Todd Starnes Show.


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TODD STARNES: [01:17:48] Let’s go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line from the great state of Florida, Congresswoman Kat Cammack. Congresswoman, I want to get your reaction to the president’s abilities, I guess. I mean, he was getting off of Air Force One, needed directions on where to go, what to do. We saw the video of him shaking hands with air and then having to be led to his seat by another world leader. Your observations here?[01:18:14][26.0]

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REP. KAT CAMMACK (R-FL): [01:18:16] I’ll be 100% honest. I’ve been on the House floor all day. I see Nancy Pelosi’s abortion on demand bills, which they are trying to push. But from what I was able to catch in just snippets, it’s very concerning. And I know that, you know, a lot of folks, you know, make fun and and it’s easy to, you know, really highlight how truly deficient we are when it comes to the commander in chief. But this is getting very, very dangerous. And I think it’s well past the time that we have a very serious, not tongue in cheek, but a very serious conversation about the fitness for duty when it comes to our commander in chief. And when you’re dealing with a situation like this where he’s getting very confused, very easily on the world stage, that spells disaster for so many, not just us, but for our allies around the world and our enemies who are watching, of course, very carefully. And I think that if we don’t get this straight very quickly, there’s going to be a lot worse to come than just some gaffes on stage. That’s really troublesome. So I think not as a Republican, but as an American, I have tremendous concerns right now. [01:19:33][76.8]

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STARNES: [01:19:34] And you’re right, this is nothing to laugh about. This is a very serious issue. And you do have to talk about issues related to fitness of duty. And clearly, there are some concerns there and grave concerns. And it seems to me somebody within the inner circle needs to step in and say, we’ve got to get this figured out. You know, the other big story, Congresswoman, as you mentioned, is the House passing this legislation, a pair of bills that will codify abortion. Looks like it’s not going to go well in the Senate. But still, this is a reminder that every single election moving forward is going to matter in this country. [01:20:14][40.1]

CAMMACK: [01:20:15] Absolutely. I mean, and you see today that the two key bills that really everyone is talking about. One is dealing with abortion on demand up until the day of delivery. And think about what that means. This is a woman who is 40 weeks pregnant, who up until the day before natural delivery can murder that child. And for any reason, it is explicitly laid out within the legislative text that maybe you find out that it’s a girl and you didn’t want a baby girl. You can terminate that child because you didn’t like the sex of the child. It also lays out that if you don’t like the race of the child, you can terminate that pregnancy. But also if there is a potential for special needs child, to me that’s playing God and we as mere mortals, we don’t have the right to do that and we certainly don’t have the right to kill another person. And we have laws about those things. But here we are today having this fight on the House floor. And it’s really troublesome because what the Dobbs ruling did was it returned this issue back to the states. And I always say, you know, this was a tremendous win for the sanctity of life, but this was also the sanctity of our constitution in which the states are empowered to make the laws that govern their state. And as a small government conservative, I constantly go back to why are we continually trying to empower big government bureaucrats who don’t know how to make the best decisions for ourselves or our families or our communities? We need to return those issues to the states and the counties, municipalities. And it’s just been a really, really tough, tough couple of weeks where we’ve had a lot to celebrate, but also a recognition of just how radical the left has become. And I’m so sick and tired of hearing from Speaker Pelosi how extreme the position of protecting life and protecting children is. And I finally couldn’t take it anymore. And I stood up today on the House floor and really pushed back on her language, calling us extremists, where she has, for the last 36 years, served in the House of Representatives and has been a party and witness to over 60 million babies being murdered. Yet she says that this is about women’s empowerment. What about those little girls that have been murdered? Where was their empowerment? I guess you have to murder them to empower them in the eyes of the left. It’s really a tragic day. [01:22:47][151.9]

STARNES: [01:22:48] It’s a fair point you’re bringing up here. And it does remind people and again, you know, Roe v Wade was simply about states rights, sending that back to the states. That’s a state decision to make. So really, when people, you know, on the pro-life side were saying, look, the fight’s just starting, that’s exactly what they meant. I mean, this is a state by state battle. You’re defending the rights of the unborn. And so, again, every election If it’s a federal election or a state election, it has to matter. We’ve got to get out there and we got to vote on Election Day. [01:23:21][33.6]

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CAMMACK: [01:23:22] Absolutely. And, you know, there was a secondary piece of legislation talking about interstate commerce and this ridiculous, absolutely untrue notion that Republicans were going to deny pregnant women the ability to travel across state lines. That’s insane. Then the left is trying to paint this ridiculous picture that Republicans are going to have checkpoints out there. Give me a break. I’m just I’m so appalled by the left painting of a picture that is not rooted in reality or fact, but just a political agenda that is so hell bent that they don’t care who they hurt or how badly they misrepresent the facts. They want to win at all costs because it comes down to the agenda that they continue to push, which is that of dependency and control. And I will forever be entrenched in the idea that big government advocates like Speaker Pelosi and others, they don’t care about the issues and they don’t care about the people. They just want to create more government programs that people become dependent on. And that way they can stay in control. And that’s evidenced by the 36 year career she has had. [01:24:44][81.5]

STARNES: [01:24:44] You’re absolutely right about that. Well, Kat Cammack, we appreciate you for being a small government fiscal conservative up on Capitol Hill. We need more people like you out there. [01:24:54][10.0]

CAMMACK: [01:24:56] I appreciate you. I feel like I just brought the whole thing down going into a happy weekend. But it’s been a fight and a tough week. But I appreciate everything that you do to keep up the fight. [01:25:05][9.1]

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