Katz: ‘McAullife Pushed a Lot of People Over the Edge’

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It appears many people want Glenn Youngkin to be the next governor of Virginia, and it’s not necessarily because of Younkin, WRVA personality Jeff Katz told the Todd Starnes Show Monday.

“Terry McAuliffe pushed a lot of people over the edge,” Katz told guest host Tim Van Horn.

McAuliffe, a former Democrat governor of Virginia, is running again for the position but recent comments at a debate with Younkin have parents seeing red.

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe told Youngkin, the Republican candidate.

Parents, especially taxpayers, say they have every right to tell a school what they should teach. That comment, which has been aired or printed by virtually every news outlet in the U.S., has caused a lot of voters to turn their attention toward Youngkin’s campaign.

“I think that Glenn Youngkin was always in it, but not close enough to win,” said Katz. “Glenn Youngkin’s main appeal for a lot of people was ‘he’s not Terry McAuliffe,’ and while there were already angry moms and dads in Virginia, McAuliffe pushed a lot of people over the edge.”

President Biden made time to campaign in Virginia on McAuliffe’s behalf. Vice President Kamal Harris made a video urging churches to get out the vote. This, after talking up her “friend Terry McAuliffe.” Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has also campaigned in Virginia for McAuliffe.

Still, Katz said it has not done much to energize the McAuliffe campaign.

“There are not a lot of sincere, enthusiastic, excited McAuliffe folks,” said Katz. “These are folks who are looking and saying ‘I want my kids to be safe in school and Terry McAuliffe told me to sit down and shut the heck up, so I know which way I’m going.’”

Katz stopped short of making a prediction, but he did say there “might be some surprised people come Tuesday.”


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