Lego Wants Your Kids to Play with Trans Lego People

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1:05 pm et Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas Governor

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1:35 pm etDr. Don Wilton, Author of “Saturdays With Billy: My Friendship With Billy Graham”

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2:05 pm etSenator Bill Hagerty – (R-TN)

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Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

Etsy Bans Most Gun Accessories From Being Sold On Site

THIS IS REAL: Biden State Dept Unfurls ‘Black Lives Matter’ Flags at Some Embassies

Republican Introduces FIRED Act: ‘Fauci Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal’

TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines donate to campaign against critical race theory in schools

Children Assigned To Write Love Poems To Coronavirus Vaccine As Teachers Union Pushes For Continued Restrictions

‘Functionally Abolished’: ICE Averaging ‘One Arrest Every Two Months’ Amid Border Crisis

WNBA suspends, fines coach $10K over offensive comment about opposing player’s weight. She responded by threatening and body-shaming him.

Seth Rogen says comedians should stop complaining about cancel culture or just leave comedy

CNN’s Cuomo: Democrats ‘Not Where the Antisemitism Is Coming From’

Riot erupts in Portland on anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

Blinken: Biden will push $75M in Palestinian aid, reopen Jerusalem consulate

Photos show Southwest Airlines flight attendant pummeled by passenger

New grand jury seated for next stage of Trump investigation

Disney will sell a giant Avengers-themed sandwich for $100, with salami, rosemary ham, and provolone

Kellogg Company’s Latest Collaboration with GLAAD Unwraps Why ‘Boxes Are for Cereal, Not For People’


$2.5 million worth of meth hidden in watermelon shipment seized

Domestic Turtle Dispute Is Defused By Ohio Police, Records Show

Local K9 officer stops truck hauling “grass,” police say

In Florida, Anything Can Be A Weapon

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