Listen Live: Chicago Mayor Refuses to Grant Interviews to White Reporters

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Todd’s Guests:

1:05 pm et – Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC)

CLICK HERE to Check Out Representative Norman’s Website

1:35 pm et – Andrew Giuliani, Running for New York Governor

CLICK HERE to Check Out Andrew Giuliani’s Website

And CLICK HERE to Check Out Andrew Giuliani’s YouTube Channel

2:05 pm et Rick Green, Patriot Academy

2:35 pm et – Mark Hancock, CEO, Trail Life USA, and Author of “Why Are We Sitting Here Until We Die?”

CLICK HERE to Check Out Trail Life USA’s Website

And CLICK HERE for Information on Their Backyard Concert and Campout Event Featuring For King and Country

Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

CLICK HERE to Find Out More Information on the Memphis Stands With Israel Event

Police Investigate Possible Jewish Hate Crime Attack At Beverly Grove Restaurant

Facebook shuts down pro-Israel page targeted by ‘cyber terrorism’ campaign

Trump Organization Facing Criminal Investigation, NY AG Says

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill banning abortions after six weeks

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to Grant Interviews Only to Black, Brown Journalists

‘Nonbinary’ Demi Lovato Officially Changes Pronouns: ‘I Came Into My Truth’

WATCH: Masked Pro-Palestinian Mob Allegedly Attacks Jewish Diners in Los Angeles

‘Go F**k Yourself’ — Jill Biden Furious After Kamala Harris Racial Bus Attack

Black Lives Matter ‘stands in solidarity’ with Palestinians, vows to fight for ‘Palestinian liberation’

Suspects reportedly set fire to Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s garage as his family slept: ‘All in the name of tolerance’

Trans Golfer Who Played On Men’s College Team Snags Women’s Title, Eyes LPGA

Top House Republican Opposes New Congressional Probe Into Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

Texas reports zero COVID deaths months after liberal media predicted doomsday as Abbott reopened state

CNN’s Chris Cuomo melts down, says pro-lifers hate science, only cater to the ‘far-right white-fright vote’

Kamala Harris reportedly tracks and dismisses journalists who don’t ‘fully understand’ or ‘appreciate’ her

Gun-toting St. Louis lawyer Mark McCloskey announces run for Senate

‘The Batman’ images leaked: Riddler’s ‘Zodiac Killer’ look stuns fans

Video captures hero cop single-handedly lift overturned car off woman to save her life

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