Listen Live: Did Biden Threaten Un-Vaccinated Americans?

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Todd’s Guests:

1:05 pm et Sara Carter, Award-winning correspondent. Host of, The Sara Carter Show.

1:35 pm et – Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA)

CLICK HERE to Check Out Representative Hice’s Website

2:05 pm et – Pastor Mike Stone, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church

CLICK HERE to Check Out Pastor Stone’s Website

2:35 pm et – Gregg Jarrett, Legal and Political Analyst

Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

CLICK HERE to Find Out More Information on the Memphis Stands With Israel Event

Biden Seems Determined To Screw Up The Economy By Adopting The Progressive Dream Of A Welfare State

Cicilline calls for censuring Republicans who ‘rewrite the history’ about Jan. 6 attack on US Capitol

Top Democrat Weighs Trying To Delay Sale Of Weapons To Israel, Republican Warns ‘Hamas Caucus’ Trying To Get Democrats To ‘Abandon Israel’

Ex-Cop Kim Potter To Stand Trial In December For Death Of Daunte Wright

France stops gender-neutral grammar push: ‘Would certainly and perhaps forever defeat the French language’

‘You’re So Wrong On This’: Juan Williams Blames Trump Peace Deals For Conflict Between Israel And Hamas

Michigan gov used unauthorized company for Florida charter flight

LIVE UPDATES: 2 killed in Israel from Gaza rocket strike, while West Bank protest turns deadly

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton says he suffered ‘disastrous’ side effects from COVID-19 vaccine, blames ‘propaganda’ insisting they’re safe

Retailers — and their customers — are divided over maskless shopping

Good guy with a gun intervenes in attempted mass killing, blows gunman away. Neighbors say it could have been much worse.

Carjacking crisis worsens in Chicago: Latest suspect is an 11-year-old boy who helped beat a 59-year-old man

Tech companies that publicly supported Black Lives Matter had fewer black employees, according to new study

Pence blames ‘weakness shown by the Biden administration’ for violence in Israel

Andrew Giuliani to run for New York governor

Cuomo to make over $5M from book deal

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