LISTEN LIVE: Georgia Sheriff: Spa Shootings Not Racially Motivated

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Todd’s Guests

1:35 pm et – Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC)

CLICK HERE to Check Out Representative Budd’s Sanctuary Cities Amendment

2:35 pm et – Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX)

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Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

NEWSOM’S NIGHTMARE: Recall Effort Hits Deadline, Organizers Say ‘Enough Signatures’ to Trigger Election

WATCH: Tucker Carlson BLASTS Open Border Democrats

Rep. Chip Roy Says Biden Admin ‘Basically Turning DHS Into A Welcome Mat’ For Illegal Immigrants

Trump Says Biden Admin ‘Destroying Our Country’ With Border Policies, Predicts Situation Will Worsen

Trump Tells His Supporters To Get The Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘It Is A Safe Vaccine’

8 dead in Atlanta-area spa shootings, suspect arrested

Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna Accuses Biden Administration of Violating Human Rights of Minor Migrants

Biden backs changes to filibuster; GOP vows ‘scorched earth’

Ted Lieu on Atlanta mass killing: Remember Trump’s ‘kung flu’?

New York opens for weddings but imposes dancing rules, mandatory testing, and eating and drinking dos and don’ts. So people are taking their business elsewhere

Teen ‘mastermind’ behind the great Twitter hack sentenced to three years in prison

Biden Mocks ‘Macho Thing’ of Not Getting Covid Vaccine: ‘Why Don’t You Be a Patriot? Protect Other People?’

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