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Todd’s Guests:

1:05 pm et – Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Host, “America First” on NewsMax

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2:05 pm etJeffrey Lord, Reagan White House, American Spectator, NewsBusters, Daily Caller. Penn Live

2:35 pm et – Chris Krok, Radio Talk Show Host

Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

Black High School Students In Oregon Offered ‘Black Student Graduation Ceremony’ This Spring

CNN’s Ratings Are Plummeting Post-Trump: ‘More Than Two Thirds Of The Audience – Gone’

‘BIDEN’S AMERICA’: Gas Stations In Multiple States Run Out Of Fuel, Sparking Panic

Outrage erupts over Tim Tebow’s likely NFL return; critics allege racism because Colin Kaepernick not signed

Guardian torched for asking folks to share their ‘lowest point’ during lockdown after revealing Gwyneth Paltrow ‘broke down and ate bread’

Actress Gina Carano included in Disney’s campaign for Emmy consideration and liberals are furious

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals to Dana Bash She ‘Didn’t Even Vote’ in 2020 Election: Decided to ‘Play Golf’ Instead

Memorial Day: Biden faces growing pressure to let veterans use Pentagon parking lot for event

Border crisis: 5 unaccompanied migrant girls found abandoned in Texas

Two Israelis Killed as 400 Rockets Pummel Israel from Gaza

Harvard Poll: Swing-Voters Want Joe Biden to Embrace Trump’s Border Goals

White House reporters fume over Biden administration’s media policy: report

UMass Amherst students suspended for partying outside without masks

Tech jobs moving toward the South, away from Silicon Valley

PICTURED: Migrants pouring across the Rio Grande as Kamala Harris STILL hasn’t visited the border 47 days since being named ‘czar’ – and Texas sheriff calls response a ‘complete embarrassment’

Cotton: Russian Government Had to Know about Colonial Pipeline Attack

Having children in California becoming a ‘white privilege,’ op-ed argues

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