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Todd’s Guests

12:45 Representative Mike Johnson

1:30 Representative Jody Hice

2:05 Representative Ken Buck

2:45 Julia Jeffress Sadler

Todd’s Stack of Stuff

Paddleboarder Arrested for Violating State Stay At Home Order

Denver Appliance Store Forced to Shut Down After State Declares it Non-Essential

Bernie Sanders Slams President Trumps’ Actions on Handling the Coronavirus 

Mayor Eric Garcetti Sets Strict Rules For Construction Sites in Los Angeles California

Delivery Dog Brings Wine Door to Door

Louisville Forcing Coronavirus Patients to Self-Isolate After Going Out In Public

Store Employee Denied Bond After Shooting Burglars in Self-Defense

Dr. Fauci Shuts Down CNN’s Acosta For Suggesting Trump Didn’t Act Early To Stop Coronavirus

What Our Listeners Are Doing During Quarantine.

Watching Star Wars

Playing Board Games

Enjoying Online Church


Watching Tiger King

School Work

Riding Dirt Bikes

Playing Videogames


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