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Todd’s Guests

12:30 pm et – Alice Stewart

1:05 pm et – Senator Marsha Blackburn

1:30 pm et – Representative Chuck Fleischmann

2:05 pm et – Pastor Jack Trieber, of North Valley Baptist Church

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2:30 pm et – Robert Kirkpatrick, Brand Manager, KPEL News

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Here’s the Full List of GOP Convention Speakers

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‘We Answer to a Higher Power’: 2 More CA Churches Fined for Gathering, Ordered to Stop Singing

Three Things RNC Night Two Achieved

Black Lives Matter Protesters in DC Seen Berating Diners, Demanding They Raise Their Fists, In Viral Videos

Hillary Says Joe Biden Should Not Concede on Election Night

Kenosha Thug Burns Old Glory & Shouts, “Death to America”

Elderly Business Owner Brutally Beaten While Protecting Kenosha Store

KFC Suspends its ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Slogan Because of Coronavirus

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The Pledge of Allegiance is Still Being Taught


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Yesterday it was black squares. Today it’s raising a fist. What comes next?

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CAUTION: The Following Clip Contains Strong Language

CAUTION: The Following Clip Contains Strong Language