LISTEN LIVE: Was Boulder, Colorado Another FBI Screw-up?

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Todd’s Guests:

1:05 pm et – Gregg Jarrett, Author of “THE RUSSIA HOAX” and “WITCH HUNT

CLICK HERE to Check Out Gregg Jarrett’s Website

1:35 pm et – Kristen Waggoner, General Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

2:05 pm et – Rep. Jody Hice – Running for Georgia Sec. of State

CLICK HERE to Check Out Representative Hice’s Website

2:35 pm et – Eric Greitens, Former Governor of Missouri, Running for Senate

CLICK HERE to Check Out Former Governor Greitens’ Website

Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

‘Sesame Street’ debuts 2 Black muppets to teach kids about race and identity

Twitter says calling Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa a ‘white Christian terrorist’ doesn’t violate its misinformation policies

Reporter Asks Psaki If Biden Administration Needs to ‘Change’ Messaging About ‘Humane Treatment Of Children’

Top Democrat Senator Dashes His Party’s Push For Gun Control By Opposing Recently Passed House Bills

Yale Prof Said Trump Supporters Had ‘Shared Psychosis.’ Yale Terminated Her. Now She’s Filed A Complaint.

White House Keeps Changing Excuse For Why Biden Fell On Air Force One Stairs

Report: Boulder shooter was ‘previously known’ to the FBI

Kamala Harris Accepts Bill Clinton Invite for ‘One on One’ Talks About Female Empowerment

Dem Sen. Murphy Floats ‘Investing’ in Central American Countries to Fix Border Crisis

Joe Biden Under Investigation for Order to Block Wall Construction

Egypt’s Suez Canal blocked by stranded container ship blown sideways in dust storm

Veggie Tales Creator and Karen Swallow Prior Thumb Their Nose at ‘Cracker-Barrel Christians’

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