Todd Starnes Show Recap – Aug 29


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Journalists attacked Melania Trump for wearing stilettos to Texas — the First Lady responded:

So after all that, the First Lady responded:

2:22 PM Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary:

“We all suffer when the rule of law suffers,” Dr. Land said. He talked about when a Jewish lawyer for the ACLU defended the Nazi’s right to speech in a small town, but the Nazis ended up not marching there and instead they built a Holocaust museum. “They refuted the evil speech with better speech.” “They’re the ones who are behaving like fascists,” Dr. Land said of antifa thugs. “Anyone that shows up with a mask on should be arrested.”


Professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) protested a tabling event put on by the campus Turning Point USA chapter. Things got so intense that it caused a chapter member to get campus police involved.


A university professor suggested Texas deserved what it got with Hurricane Harvey because the state voted for President Trump. Your reaction – call Todd live 888 788 9910.  


1:37 PM Billy Hallowell, Senior Editor & Author, “The Armageddon Code“:

Hallowell reports on the story that Pastor Joel Osteen closed his church, but the real story is that his church was already in contact with local officials, and was following their lead. The church was also working with Samaritan’s Purse. This is a building that had been known to flood. They were trying to keep people safe.” Hallowell says they should’ve communicated better, but activists were trying to attack the church.

Here is the Complete Story Behind the Attacks on Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church

1:22 PM Katie Pechon, dispatcher for the all-volunteer Cajun Navy:

“We’ve definitely experienced a lot of elderly rescues, and the main way to contact has been through social media,” Pechon said, adding they’ve had assistance from law enforcement as well. “We have people from all over helping, and the number just keeps building. It’s been a blessing to see so many employers say, ‘Go, help.'”

Donate to the all-volunteer Cajun Navy!

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Hang On, Houston! The Cajun Navy is on the Way!

Matt Finn, Fox News Channel Reporter LIVE in Houston:

“It’s a terrible natural disaster,” Finn said, after reporting that levies broke, a police officer died, and saw families being rescued by boat – leaving their homes behind.


“Hamilton the Musical,” beloved by liberals, glorifies two slaveholders – George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Todd wonders why liberals aren’t calling for the Broadway show to be banned. You calls on the cultural cleansing insanity 888-788-9910.


12:50 PM Todd’s Uncle Don called in from Memphis to discuss the Orpheum Theatre’s ending of “Gone With the Wind”.

12:40 PM Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture for Media Research Center:

“The whole essence from what we are is our history. This is not about the Civil War — they’re using it as a smoke screen…to erase American history. The Left wants to rewrite American history just like Orwell predicted.” “They’ve already targeted” the national anthem. “The Left never liked America…so what they want is…to remake America in their own image…like Mao did. It won’t be long before the Bible is banned. When this happens, you have to speak up. When TV networks promote this garbage…pick one of their advertisers and say no more – you’re not getting my money.” 

Check out Dan Gainor’s column: Alt-Left Insanity: Can U.S. Survive If Liberals Have ‘Erased’ History?


This is the best way for you to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Samaritan’s Purse and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief are two organizations that provide physical as well as spiritual assistance to storm victims. You can be guaranteed that every single penny you send will be used to help those in need. These two organizations have my strongest endorsement.


Franklin Graham: Harvey’s victims need our prayers

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: It’s Disgusting What Republicans Are Trying to Do to Trump

Common Sense is Gone With the Wind in Memphis

The Politically Incorrect Jesus: Living Boldly in a Culture of Unbelief


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Why are we always scared of Change or doing things differently? Why are some peoples freedom of speech good and others like Kaperneck bad? Toad Starnes is the leading gay basher on fox. He really needs fired.

Don’t confuse the Drump & UR racism & other deplorable racists hijacking the patriotism and lags label along with national anthem to label Americans are racists.

Blame Obozo for the division in the country. It’s what he wanted, and you idiots voted for him.

maybe the mayor should have evacuated the city. no outrage because the black mayor did not evacuate the city but the first lady’s shoes, now they are outraged. we have some very sick liberals, God help them.

This country has never been more divided, and we have an idiot like Todd Starnes fanning the flames with garbage like this. Shame!