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2:05pm – No Go! Tennessee is no longer pursuing Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano to be the school’s new head coach, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press. The person spoke Sunday on condition of anonymity because none of the negotiations were intended to be made public until a deal was reached. The school and Schiano were close to an agreement earlier Sunday, but the deal fell apart after widespread backlash that included a protest on campus and complaints on social media from fans, state representatives and gubernatorial candidates. Their complaints stemmed from Schiano’s background as an assistant at Penn State during Jerry Sandusky’s tenure as the Nittany Lions’ defensive coordinator. Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison for his conviction on 45 counts of sexual abuse.

2:20pm – Rep. Kevin Brooks, Republican Member of the TN House of Representatives.

2:30pm- Make Christmas Great Again! President Donald Trump is trying to “make Christmas great again” with a new $45 holiday-themed baseball cap — but Twitter is having none of it. The hat — which costs almost double the price of a standard $25 Make America Great Again cap — was promoted on the official GOP Twitter account over the weekend to harsh criticism. Many slammed the president for commercializing a religious holiday and for making himself, rather than Christmas, the focus of the hat. “Interesting how Trump’s slogan is the most prominent part of the hat,” tweeted one critic. “It’s not Merry Christmas on the front and Make America Great Again on the back. Guess it’s only a War on Christmas if he says it is.” Todd can’t believe one article talks about how Jesus would not approve! 

2:50pm- Grinches! Thieves ransack Christmas tree farm in California



1:05pm- Ba Humbug! You won’t find the familiar red kettle or hear a ringing bell outside of Belk this year. When The Salvation Army kicked off its annual Red Kettle Campaign on Nov. 17, they learned that they wouldn’t be allowed to ring the bell at one of their key collection sites. “It was news we had to take to heart very quickly,” said Major David Cope, commanding officer of The Salvation Army of Waynesville. “We’ve had a wonderful partnership with [Belk] for a long time and have been able to raise able to numerous funds over the years at the Belk store.” Management at Belk in Waynesville declined to comment, citing corporate policy that prohibits them from speaking to the media. According to Andy Izquierdo, vice president of communications and social impact, Belk is launching a new social impact strategy in December called “Home for the Holidays” that The Salvation Army doesn’t factor into.
1:20pm- Question: Are the stores that ban the Salvation army wrong to do so? 888-788-9910

1:30pm- Attack on Santa! Cyber Jihadists have posted a surge of terrorist threats against American and European targets as we enter the holiday season. An ominous poster of Santa Claus standing next to a box of dynamite in Times Square appeared in a pro-ISIS forum earlier this week with the headline “we meet at Christmas in New York soon.” A picture of a masked jihadi, with a rifle in the front seat of a car driving toward the Vatican marked with the banner “Christmas Blood so wait” appeared a few days before that. Christmas markets in Germany and Queen Elizabeth of England have also been the targets of Islamic State threats over the past month. Question: Does this make you worried? Would the threats prevent you from traveling to touristy places? 888-788-9910

1:50pm-Dictionary.com chooses its word of the year



12:05pm- Reform Now! Senate Republicans are rushing to change their tax overhaul just days before a planned floor vote, with GOP leaders trying to appease at least a half-dozen holdouts. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell can lose only two votes and still pass the bill by week’s end. The last-minute modifications underscore the speed with which leadership is moving and the narrow margin for error on the party’s top legislative priority. Two critical Republican swing votes, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Bob Corker of Tennessee, on Monday left open the possibility that they could vote against the tax plan in a key committee vote scheduled for Tuesday if changes weren’t made to their liking. That would tank the bill before it could reach the floor, putting more pressure on leadership to quickly make revisions. Question: Do you think the Republicans can pull it off? Will this be a Trump win? 888-788-9910

12:20pm- Pocahontas! President Trump on Monday revived his favorite nickname for Sen. Elizabeth Warren — “Pocahontas” — during a White House event to honor Navajo code talkers. The president hosted the event to honor the veterans who used their native language during World Wars I and II to protect the U.S. during battle. “You’re very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were here,” Trump said in the Oval Office. But his comments took an unexpected turn—to the Democratic senator from Massachusetts. “Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas,” Trump said. “But you know what? I like you. Because you are special.” Trump has repeatedly mocked Warren for claims she has made about being part Native American. But Trump’s jab on Monday was met with a backlash from critics who said the president should not have used this forum to toss around that nickname. Question: Did Trump go too far? 888-788-9910

12:30pm– More on Moore! Campaign staffers for Senate candidate Roy Moore late Monday night got into a scuffle with two Fox News camera crews prior to a rally in the town of Henagar, Ala.  Organizers told the media that Moore was expected to use the front entrance at the Henagar Community Center and the cameras were stationed outside, Fox News’ Jonathan Serrie reported. Moore instead used a side entrance. Camera crews and reporters attempted to see the candidate as he made his way into the building. And that point, two men “decided to push the cameras back and physically manhandle two Fox News photographers,” Serrie told Shannon Bream, host of “Fox News @ Night.” A Fox News producer stepped in and told the two staffers not to touch the cameras. “It’s not unusual for people to get bumped around a bit in the media scrum,” Serrie said. “This was not a scrum though. It is highly unusual for members of a political campaign to physically engage in this manner with members of the press,” he said. It was unclear if Moore witnessed the scuffle that one cameraman said lasted about 30 seconds. Question: Does Moore still have a shot? Are you still standing behind him? 888-788-9910

12:50pm- What’s In A Name? A Canadian school board is making progressive steps by having teachers participate in extensive inclusiveness training, but the title of the session has left some perplexed. The Canadian Elementary Teachers Federation (ETFO) of Ontario hosted a LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP inclusiveness training session on June 6. The acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual and Polyamorous.  Todd sorts through the confusion. 

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