School District to Consider Punishing Students Who Say “Terrorist”

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A school district near Allentown, Pennsylvania says the best way to end hate speech is to ban hateful words.

The Saucon Valley School District is considering a policy that would ban five words if they are used in a hateful way, according to local news reports.

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One of the words that could be banned is a derogatory word for a woman — the other is a racial slur typically used in rap music.

The other words on their proposed list include retarded, terrorist and gay.

Superintendent Craig Butler said Wednesday. The policy was reviewed but not voted on at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

“What we’re looking at specifically is that these words not be used in a malicious, hurtful manner,” Supt. Craig Butler told Mcall.com. “We’re trying to reinforce with our young adults that we would expect them to speak respectfully.”

Students using the word in a hateful or menancing way would be sent to an intervention program to be re-educated. Repeat offenders could be sent to in-school suspension or suspended.

I suppose the first question would be who gets to decide when the words are used in a hateful way.

For example, let’s say another radical jihadist decides to run over a bunch of pedestrians in the name of the religion of peace. Would it be hateful to call the jihadist a terrorist?

The Constitution clearly protects speech — even hateful speech. And I’m afraid the Saucon Valley School District is on a slippery slope to a Constitutional showdown.



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