LIVE BLOG: Todd Starnes Show – Oct 24



Phil Robertson at Fox news Radio
Phil Robertson at Fox news Radio

2:30pm- Guest: Phil Robertson, Former Duck Dynasty star who is out with a new show “In the Woods with Phil” on CRTV



Charlie Daniels at Fox News Radio
Charlie Daniels at Fox News Radio

1:05pm- Guest: Charlie Daniels, legendary American singer, song writer, guitarist, and fiddler famous for his contributions to country and southern rock music. He is here with his new memoir, “Never Look At The Empty Seats”.  

1:30pm- Getting Tough! President Trump on Tuesday is expected to announce a tighter cap on the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. and call for tougher vetting rules, as his administration’s refugee ban expires, Fox News has learned. The administration’s 120-day suspension of admissions for most refugees lapses on Tuesday. Coinciding with the deadline, Trump is expected to sign a document starting the process of allowing refugees back into the U.S. – under new guidelines. Under the new rules, the U.S. would cap refugee admissions at 45,000. That’s down from 110,000 under the last year of the Obama administration. The administration also will seek to “enhance procedures for refugee entries” by “raising standards” for vetting. The federal government would apply those standards “across the board” – under current policy, men are vetted more stringently than women and children. The refugee ban is tied to the so-called travel ban, which has gone through several revisions and been challenged in court every step of the way. The administration’s third version of its controversial visa-entry restrictions for travelers from targeted countries was immediately challenged in court. Any new refugee restrictions are likely to face a similar fight. Plus:

A.    Kate Steinle Trial Starts With Opening Statements, Emotional Testimony From Father

B.     Construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall prototypes is nearly complete in San Diego. Eight towering constructions of concrete and steel stand in the border patrol enforcement zone in Otay Mesa. The prototypes were built in the shadow of the current fence and a neighborhood in Tijuana.



12:05pm- Shots Fired! Donald Trump opened up with both barrels Tuesday on a Republican senator who spent the morning calling his foreign policy amateurish and dangerous. And his target gave as good as he got.  The president’s tweeted broadsides at Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker come as he heads to Capitol Hill to meet with Republicans about a pending tax bill. ‘Bob Corker, who helped President O give us the bad Iran Deal & couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee, is now fighting Tax Cuts,’ Trump tweeted. ‘Corker dropped out of the race in Tennessee[e] when I refused to endorse him, and now is only negative on anything Trump. Look at his record!’ ‘Isn’t it sad that lightweight Senator Bob Corker, who couldn’t get re-elected in the Great State of Tennessee, will now fight Tax Cuts plus!’ Trump added later. Corker won his 2012 Senate election easily with 65 per cent of the vote.  By mid-morning Corker was uncorking at Trump on CNN, saying that ‘much of what he says is untrue. … I don’t know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard.’  Question: Is Corker wrong to attack The President? 888-788-9910

12:20pm- Sniff Sniff!  Just hours after CNN self-importantly and sanctimoniously claimed they’d be the network of “Facts First” one of the 3rd place news outlet’s anchors took to the air and read a letter he’d written to President Donald Trump and Gold Star Widow Myeshia Johnson. He then broke down in tears overcome by the emotional power of his own words. 

12:30pm- Guest: Kayleigh McEnany, the newest RNC Spokesperson, former CNN Commentator


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